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Turin Turambar

Mafia memes: because you can never have too many

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is dead easy cindy


requires use of right brain.

I get an access error.

Bummer. the link works for me. Shame you would be good at this I reckon.

oh the link works :)


it's my brain giving me the access error.


I can't match words and pictures :blush:

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Hahaha I love this thread. I will start posting my own later in the evening.





This was my favorite one, lol. Did someone actually use this as a reasoning?

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    • " News Papers are a bit more reputable than the random #fakenews website that grannies share on FB. Like, even the Inquirer is more reputable than some of these organizations that brand themselves as news..."   So for you the fact that its a corporate entity that is deceminating the news makes it more valid? 
    • "If I gave you access to my cloud, You're able to view the files, you can download them, (technically seeing any picture online means you download it), but you don't own the intellectual property that is within it.Distributing my intellectual property against my express wishes, infringes upon my intellectual property rights."   Sure I cannot sell your intellectual property and make a profit but the issue you do not address is that by giving me access to your cloud account yuo are voiding your claim of "privacy". Unless you can make a claim that access to the cloud was conditional on my agreement not to disclose anything disclosed there your giving me access voids your legal claim to a privcy right to whats in the cloud. And when you showed me the qalbum you gave me access to technalogy to duplicate the materials therein then your claim to a privacy interest in the pictures would have very little legal validity. 
    • Besides @Pandemoniumone of the reasons I think alot like GOT is because it revels in its graphic violence, sex and crudity and being offensive. I didn't watch the show but I hear it wasn't kind to women. If people weren't happy about Arya's role in Ep3 when becoming an assassin was the whole point of her story from after Ned dying, they really won't like Moiraine, Nyneave, Egwene, cadsuane, etc.
    • We have quite a few "who would you cast" threads over at the White Tower Social Group, so feel free to join in there (you don't have to be a member of the White Tower & Warders to do that).
    • Oh my word I did exactly that from my 2nd reread (when the 1st 4 or 5 books were out), but of the characters and their clothing, to try and figure out some of the hints. Only realised a few rereads later that the lists were at the back of each book 😛
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