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[Album Review] Sounds of a Playground Fading by In Flames - Metal


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1. Sounds of a Playground Fading - 8/10

2. Deliver Us - 10/10

3. All For Me - 9/10

4. The Puzzle - 6/10

5. Fear is the Weakness - 7/10

6. Where the Dead Ships Dwell - 9/10

7. The Attic - 8/10

8. Darker Times - 7/10

9. Ropes - 8/10

10. Enter Tragedy - 7/10

11. Jester's Door - 9 /10

12. A New Dawn - 6/10.

13. Liberation - 8/10


The Album itself : 9/10



In Flames is qualified as a melodic death metal band. For me, they have their own category which includes the growly voice of Anders Friden, the really recognizable sound of their guitars (they have a special tuning) and interesting variations in the melody of almost each songs. Some past albums were more aggressive, some were softer. Here, Sounds of a Playground Fading, which was released in 2011, is definitely one of the softer albums.


Usually, in the death metal category, you have a lot of growling. And most of the In Flames albums respected that "rule". But for this album, the singer tried a wider range of vocals and growled way less. You can notice that in Liberation and The Attic.


So, for the people who could be scared by the words "metal", "growling", etc., I'll advise to listen to the softest songs of the album : Liberation, Ropes, The Attic. The most agressive songs are The Puzzle, Darker Times and Enter Tragedy.


The most catchy song is Deliver us, the first song of the album to be introduced to the public and my favourite by far. The lyrics are easy to remember and it has always been a pleasure to sing along when that one is played. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTiQ75HY0DA. My second favorite is All For me, which has nice and melodic guitar riffs.


Some songs unfortunately disappointed me as they bring nothing original to the whole. There're of course the expected variations of rhytm and vocals but nothing to make u remember those titles : The Puzzle, A New Dawn.


Jester's Door is not a real song in my opinion but an interlude of some kind. It makes a nice break as you come at the end of the album.


A new album is expected for 2014 ... so I'm looking forward to hear what will be in that one :tongue:




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