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Sushi Box Namur - BE


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There must be a lot of Japanese Restaurants called Sushi Box... but this one is quite special, cheap (€ --> u can have a complete meal for less that 20 €) and can be found in the old part of the city of Namur (Belgium).


We discover it thanks to the folders which were set in our mail box, as they have a delivery service, that we have not tried yet.


We found it better to go on the spot. The part of the city the restaurant is in, is open to pedestrians only and the older buildings give it a cosy feeling. The fact that the restaurant itself is close to the shops and the commercial streets makes it a nice place to have a lunch break while shopping. The downside for this location is that there's no parking around. You have to leave your car in one of the main parking of the city and walk at least for 10 minutes before reaching the place.


At first, we were astonished by the interior : it was quite modern and looks like any other snack. But, seeing that they served raw fish, the modern and clean touch was also quite reassuring. The waitress was really friendly and after a while a lot of customers came in. It seems  that most of them knew the spot well ... which was also quite reassuring. :tongue:


The food was awesome. We took bento boxes and extra gyoza (japanese raviolis). We tried to choose the most authentic pieces ... as there was also "fake" japanese food : sushi made with cottage cheese, or goat cheese and dried tomatoes. It must be good, too. But it's not the kind of thing i'm looking for when going to a sushi restaurant.



Address :

Rue Saint-Joseph 3

5000 Namur


website : http://www.sushiboxnamur.be/info


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Sushi with goat cheese?  Eww!  LOL


Now you have me wanting Sushi!  I don't eat the raw stuff, I've tried and just can't do it.  I wish we had more places like this by me, not only the Sushi place, but an area geared towards pedestrians. 


Did you have any of their non-raw items?

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