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Green Ajah Festival of Lights - Wheel of Fortune!


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Welcome to Wheel of Fortune!


Here we will guess words or phrases that are based upon the winter holiday season. The rules are as follows:


1. Jump in anytime - there's no need to sign up!


2. This time around, instead of a fixed score per letter every puzzle along with fixed bonus blanks, I'm going to mix it up a little bit - before each puzzle I'll be throwing a six sided die ... might even have been one of Mat Cauthon's own fave dice back in the day! ... and the value it comes up as will be the value of all correctly guessed letters for that puzzle. (Unlike the game show, you get the score just once for each correct letter, not for every instance of it in the puzzle.) Since aces are high (and one-point puzzles are likely to be especially humdrum), if I roll a one, it counts as 7.


3. At any time you may try to guess what the full word or phrase is! If you get it right, you get three times the current letter value as a bonus, but if you get it wrong, you'll be set back twice the current letter value. To keep things easy and fun I will always remind you each puzzle of these score values.


4. may make puzzles that are worth more points harder, you have been warned!  :biggrin:


5. The current puzzle state can be found "exposed" in this initial post. Incorrect letters will be placed beneath the puzzle. Previous puzzle scores will be placed under a spoiler tag so you can see how you are doing.


6. Please do not guess letters twice in a row; once you have guessed a letter, you must allow someone else to guess one before you may choose another (unless you've decided you can solve the puzzle anyway in which case you may go ahead and post that attempt).


7. Do not edit your post after guessing. Any edited post will be charged the cost of an incorrect puzzle guess!


Current Puzzle:

Game has completed! Thanks everyone for enjoying our Wheel of Fortune Game!


Score Card:



#3 - SLEIGH RIDE (2)



Brandie - 35 (Solved, Puzzle #1) (S, Solved, Puzzle #3) (Solved, Puzzle #4)

Aidanna - 28 (E, Solved, Puzzle #2)

Chaelca - 20 (I, R, Puzzle #1) (I, Puzzle #2) (I, Puzzle #3) (E, Puzzle #4)

Theodora - 16 (R, Puzzle #2) (R, Puzzle #3) (L, Puzzle #4)

WolfbrotherKronos - 11 (S, Puzzle #1) (E, Puzzle #3) (S, Puzzle #4)

Aiel Heart - 7 (S, Puzzle #2)

Saphira Silvermoon - 7 (N, Puzzle #4)

KassidyRose DaiShan - 2 (L, Puzzle #3)

Xthrax - 2 (E, Puzzle #1)

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