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Green Ajah Festival of Lights~ New Years Eve Dance

KassidyRose DaiShan

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lets get multicultural
*comes in the roomm with the leafy stuf on the ceiling, promptly chanels a record onto the turntable*
feel free to changes song once its done; dont want ruin it fior myself lol
*finds darkest cornerr or cranny he can to lounge in*


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now, that's good music !!!!





(someone will need to explain me how to embed that video XD)


I ike you alredy, i think your the onlly person met here who likes fintroll lol. I only like so manny of thier songs and that one hapens to be one of them. rock on sister!!!!!




(to embed video, once yuo paste the url in, toggle editing mode on and delete the [ url ] things aruond the address and insted put [ video ] [ / video] around the adress, minus the spaces. dont know if that clear)

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yay dance time! my ballrrom dancin is um, bit wanting but nothng like improvisation lol


*comes out of his cornerr, grabs up luci and beginns flying and leaping abuot the dance floorr, throwing luci into somersaullts and spins in the air somtimes and catchin her safely betwen folowing the rhythm more slowly and solmnly*


this is fun loll! feel free to tosss me anytime!

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