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BlueCon 2013: Video Game Hangman


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Welcome the the 2013 BlueCon Video Games Hangman, hosted by me, with the sponsorpship of the "Fantasy Ajah" - The Blue Ajah.


Hangman games are simple: you have to guess the word by posting letters. One letter per post, please. If the letter is not in the word, it is counted as Not Correct. 6 letters that are not correct and you get: Hangman_6.png

When you guess a letter, you get 1 point and if you guess the whole word/phrase - 5 points. But be careful! If you say the word and it is not correct, you cannot participate until another round.


The words, phrases are related to titles or video games characters. When you have guessed the game, make sure it is with the whole original title:


Eg: Final Finatasy: Advent Children - not only Final Fantasy.



Cindy - 48 points

Pralaya - 45 points

Kaylee - 18 points

Arez - 12 points

Aida - 11 points

Kronos - 8 points

Basel - 6 points

Blank - 3 point

Daruya - 1 point



Let's start:

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