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Blue Con 2013: Whose Line is it, Anyway? Star Wars Edition


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Welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway? Star Wars Edition,  where the game is made up and the points don't matter! Here with us today we have the 

"Wonderful Warder" Kronos, the "That's so illogical" Rhea, "Perfectly Perky" Aida, and last but not least, Gud "the Great". 


Let me explain the rules, such as they are:


We will have a series of games, sometimes for one contestant, two, three or all four. 

Each contestant will then have to act (RP) out the scenes in the funniest way possible, and so on. The "winner" at the end of the game will 

then get to read the closing credits in a style of my choosing.  Here we go!


The first game will be Weird Newscasters and it is for all four of you. Gudrean, you will be the Anchor. Kronos, you will be the co-anchor and you think that Gudrean is a bounty hunter that Jabba the Hut has sent after you. Rhea, you are our weather person and 

you are also an enraged Wookie who has just lost a game. Aida, you are our sportscaster and an Ewok who believes that Kronos is a god. 


When you are ready, Gud, start the news! 


**starts Rebel News Music**


(Need an example on how to play this? Go here! )

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Gud evening and thanks for joining us for The Rebel News at 6. I'm Sy Snootles and Tonight we will ask, is there more to this increase in prosthetic hand sales? over to you Kronos. *hands it over to co-anchor*

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Looks defiantly into the camera and throws his hands up into the air.




Tips over the weather map.


Pushes away camera one.


Takes a deep breath.


Smoothes back the wild hair on his head in a long slow motion.


Looks to camera two.



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And of course if you don't understand shrii-wook or have a dictionary, you won't understand that. Our lovely wookiee weather woman has informed us that all everyone's debts to Jabba the Hutt are paid...there is no need for violence...I mean umm...skies are clear over Cloud City...




Aida for sports...


No turn the camera away...that way!

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**bangs head on desk from laughing** 1000 points to Rhea because we have to let the Wookie win!


And now on to our next game:  Party Quirks!


Aida, you will be throwing a party Kronos, Rhea and Gud will be showing up one by one as your guests. Each one of them has a strange

quirk that you must guess. When I ring the doorbell, you may answer the door. Have fun!!


Aida, start your party when you are ready. 




**doorbell rings** 

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Enters the party...


Hello. Did he follow me? I swear he knows where I am no matter where I go! He is too strong in the force I tell you.


I will never get the repairs done on the Death Star with all this pressure. 


I think he's going to kill me. I really do!


Pulls at uniform.


I swear he can hear my thoughts!


And what is with that get up of his. He can't sneak up on me with that incessant breathing in and out...in and out...


Oh! Do you think he heard me?


Hides by the punch bowl...

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Looks at the Princess in a panic and points at her.


He is YOUR father! Did he send you here to kill me? Did he?


Dives under the table sloshing the punch.

My father and I aren't exactly on speaking terms, you know, since the whole torturing me.


*pulls top down*


You know, you'd think one of the most profitable crime lords could afford a bikini that fits!

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