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BlueCon 2013: Costume Ball!


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The festivities have begun!


If you wish to join in the ball send me a PM, there is no limit to how many can play at a time. Once you send me a PM you will be assigned a character from the Fantasy or Sci-Fi realm. You don't need to act COMPLETELY like the character, but you do need to put some effort into it. The object for others will be to guess your character, and you must also try and guess theirs. Guesses will be submitted via PM, any guesses posted in this thread will not count, there is no penalty for incorrect guesses and guesses are awarded on a first come first serve basis according to PM time stamps.

You can ask other players questions on thread if you wish, they can choose whether to answer or not, the main fun comes from acting like your assigned character, and people trying to guess who you are once they think they know who you are. So you want to put effort into it, but also try to be subtle. Once a person's character is guessed, I'll announce it on thread and you can then re-apply via PM to receive a new character to play act as. Each correct guess will get you 1 point, which will be kept tally in this post, and the person at the end of BlueCon with the most points wins. Please do note that in order to submit a guess you must be participating in the Ball.

As always, keep it PG-13 and most importantly, have fun!!

Please post "BlueCon 2013 Costume Ball" in the title of your PMs as well for ease  :smile:

*dons her mask and walks around waiting for other people to enter*

List of Players/Correct Guesses:

Elaevia -> 2

Hallia -> 1


WolfbrotherKronos -> 2

Aidanna -> 1


Gudrean -> 2

Thea -> 2

Kaylee ->


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Sorry this took so long everyone. 
Hallia Hallia guessed WolfbrothKronos was Spock.

Gudrean guessed Tonnalea is Katniss Everneen.
Via guessed Aidanna is River Song.

Thea guessed Via is Arya Stark.
You can all keep your characters, if you wish- or send me a PM, and I can get you set up with a new one.

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