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BlueCon is Here!

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Guess what time it is?!  That’s right, it’s time for . . .





Yes, you heard me correctly.  It’s almost time for the Blue Ajah’s 2nd Annual BlueCon!  This is the Blue Ajah’s sci-fi/fantasy convention right here in the White Tower, being held in Tar Valon.  BlueCon is being held this year December 8 – 18 and you don’t want to miss it!


Here is our exciting event line-up (links will be added when the activities start):


  • A Song of Ice and Fire Clue game (led by Aida and Leala)
  • Possible Worldbuilding Discussion (led by Aida)
  • Video Game Hangman (led by Theadora)
  • Owl Post (led by Kaylee)
  • Star Wars Improv (led by Tonnalea)
  • Costume Ball (led by Bella)
  • A Song of Ice & Fire Personality Test (led by Kaylee)
  • GoT Discussion (led by RTE)
  • Citizen Filibuster (led by Golden)
  • Desolation of Smaug Discussion (led by Xthrax)


Our event sig queen was Em (Keyholder) so keep an eye out for event siggies you can wear; they’ll be posted here in this thread as they are ready.  Tonna also tried her hand at some siggies she may be posting here.


Let the games begin!





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