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Suggestion for ''Dragonmount awoftc''

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    Today i came to this website for the first time and let me tell you all that i was almost smothered with spoilers, this is very aggravating and warnings of spoilers are seldom. nonetheless i suggest to all of you, that you be wary of information. hopefully i can still enjoy the series all the same. i just wanted to announce how unbecoming this website is to the newbies who are only on book three so far. all together, however, i am very glad this website is here and everything that it does, i am just disappointed in the many spoilers i encountered. for those of you who actually warned of spoilers, that is very nice of you and me as well as other WoT newbies are very appreciative of it. in conclusion i just wanted to ask that everyone be more spoiler conscious, for the sake of newbies.

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Cindy directed you to the structured threads which are for each book - but it is a general rule of thumb that if you go into discussions in other forums, you can find out stuff you haven't read yet. The only big rule is that there are no spoilers for aMoL - the newest book. So, I'm very sorry that you ventured into a discussion thread that unveiled something you would have preferred not to know yet, but in general, you are browsing at your own risk. The structured threads (where Cindy pointed out) are where you can find discussions broken down into book by book threads - In other places, people will most likely only spoiler information from the last book.


I really hope that this didn't spoil DM for you - it's a great place to meet people who share the same love of WoT, and we are a pretty fun-loving group! Welcome to DM! If you want to meet people - the social groups generally have less discussions that could spoil books - they are more for meeting people and having fun. Otherwise stick to the structured discussion threads. Hope to see you around!

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