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Wasabi, Fresno CA


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This is a review of one of my favorite restraunts, Wasabi.  They have two locations in Fresno and I enjoy them both.  I usually go to one location over the other.  The service is normally really good; however on ocassion the service will be not so great.  On my most recent visit, the waiter had a to be asked more than once to get  a desired item (i.e. fork, or napkins.) Also the waiter didn't refill my fiancee's soda, but brought me a fresh one when my glass was only half empty.


Don't let this derail you from going though.  I usually have a great time, and as I said the service is usually pretty good.  They have many different types if sushi you can order, or you can get something more simple if you don't prefer sushi, such as a teyraki bowl.  The ambience can differ from night to night,  If you plan to attend on weekends be prepared for some noise.  If you go on the weekdays, there may only be a few people around.  The resteraunt tends to be a little on the darker side unless you sit on the patio.  The level of the music is almost always perfect.  The costs can vary greatly, especially if youre a sushi fan.  Some sushi can cost a little as 7 dollars, and some cost 14, or 16.  Its nice to go with a group of friends and order a plate of sushi each and try a little of each.


All in all a great time with a great selection of food and great service (most of the time). Give it a try if you havent already.


The street address is:752 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93704

The website is: not found

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