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favourite character? most respected character? the character that made you laugh?

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Men - Rand, Matt, Perrin and Lan :)



Women - Egwene and Nynaeve. I don't care what haters say. They have always been favorites of mine and I love them. :)



Most respected - all of the above and also:


Moiraine, Siuan and Gareth Bryne for the reasons Ryrin has pointed out. I fully agree with you, Ryrin. And let's not forget that if it wasn't for Moiraine, Rand would never know who he truly is, he would never leave Two Rivers and would never be able to save the world. She is the woman with whom everything began. :)  She discovered the future Amyrilin and Nynaeve, who also had a major role in winning the last battle as Moiraine herself. :)


Tom Merilin - He is always so selfless, he tries very hard not to care but he never succeeds and he always ends up saving one or another of our protagonists. :) Not only with his actions but with his advises and experience. I think he and Moiraine are actually quite alike. :)


Darvam Bashere, Gaul, Galad, Birgitte, Elayne, Aviendha, Min and many others.


Characters who make me laugh: Matt, Nynaeve. Birgitte and Elayne. :)  Especially Mat and Nyn. :)

Tom is like Moiraine but warmer and nicer

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Mat is my favorite character. 


The characters I most respect are Lan and Moiraine.


And the character that made me laugh would also be Mat.

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Rodel Ituralde: I completely underestimated his character until the bit where he is explaining the weakness's of the Raken to the Seanchan general. I loved that chapter so much and his other chapters only increased my respect.


Mat Cauthon: I love how complicated he is. He likes to believe that he is a selfish, low-born, dirty gambler when he is actually none of these things (except the gambler). 


Davram Bashere: Very honest and down to earth, but expects obedience. Very clever and not afraid to politely question his superiors. Exactly what a general should be in my opinion.


Perrin Aybara: I could write volumes about this guy. I know he gets hate on this website, but his character is brilliantly written and I don't think his relationship with the wolves could have been done better. RJ could easily have just let him command the wolves and that would be that, but having the wolves see him as a child was a brilliant idea. Unlike the other two male protagonists  his struggle is very personal, and he also has a much stronger sense of fear, which I think is due to his habit of thinking things through. Mat often hurtles in blindly, not thinking long enough to be be afraid while Rand accepts that sacrifice is often necessary. Perrin despises people dying under his command as well as his fear of losing Faile, whether to the Shaido or indirectly losing her by succumbing to the wolf inside.


Didn't mean to have the Perrin bit so long, but he is worth writing about. There are of course plenty more but those are the first that come to mind

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Al'Lan Mandragoran obviously. The ultimate badass. With a soft side. The man is a living weapon. Even among the Aiel hes considered the most dangerous man.


Davram Bashere.He follows The Dragon Reborn because of who he is and what he has to do. but he isnt a bootlicker like the Cairhienin or Andoran nobility. and he doesn't use his connection with Rand to advance his own position. A true man of duty, Davram Bashere. Plus he calls out Rand when he does stupid things like dueling five men at once.


Shaidar Haran. I loved Shaidar Haran. A level 99 Myrddraal. Even The Forsaken were afraid of him. I got chills every time he appeared. 


Verin Mathwin. She was everywhere and kept surprising me everytime she showed up. I had no clue what she was up to until the very end. and she used the "Brown sisters don't pay attention to the real world" attitude of other Aes Sedai to ensure nobody knew what she was up to.

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Mat - favourite character due to his love of all that happens in them scummy taverns.  His POV's were definitely the ones where you get the most moments of looking like a madman as you laugh away to yourself in the corner, book in lap.

Lan - you have to respect the fact that the man is "The Weapon".  As mentioned above, even the Aiel see his ability.

Birgitte - She doesnt like the pretty boys.  She drinks.  And she knows how to fight. What more could you want?

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Siuan and her fish analogies.


Verin, who finds Trolloc script in human blood "interesting" and secretly served a key role in the fight. Also Masuri the Darkhound expert, and all the knowledge-loving Brown Ajah, really.


Aginor, Lanfear, Graendal, and Mesaana, who began serving the DO for very human reasons with which I can identify.


Not to mention Loial, Thom, Birgitte...


Narg, the only Shadowspawn we know by name (Shaidar Haran doesn't count, as he wasn't really a Myrddraal)

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Mat felt to me like he had more character development as series went.....liked Perrin because i saw alot of myself in him at begining of series ( big guy slow and methodical)

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Favorite character-  




I love the way Robert Jordan wrote her. So many, many awesome moments throughout the series.  Here are just two of a myriad of examples that I feel make her great, regarding how fiercely protective she is to her 'country bumpkin' husband, who is just a 'babe in the woods', that was forced into a strange new world that he has no experience in.-


Verin knew what caused the blushes; Alanna had let her tongue run away with her. They had had Perrin under their eyes for long weeks while testing young women in the Two Rivers, but Alanna had quickly gone silent on the subject of bonding him. The reason was as simple as a heated promise from Faile—delivered well out of Perrin’s hearing—that if Alanna did any such thing, she would not leave the Two Rivers alive.


LoC chapter 11


What other non-special powers character could get away with not only threatening the LIFE of an Aes Sedai(who Kings and Queens jump to), but also cause her to change her mind to boot?! And with her Warder somewhere in the vicinity as well!



Also, right after the gang returns from Dumai's Wells and Rand deposes Colavaere from the Sun Throne, Rand makes this observation of Perrin's wife-


Perrin, and Faile. A fierce woman, falcon by name and nature. Had she really attached herself to Colavaere just to gather evidence? She would try to protect Perrin if the Dragon Reborn fell. Protect him from the Dragon Reborn, should she decide it necessary; her loyalties were to Perrin, but she would decide for herself how to meet them. Faile was no woman to do meekly as her husband told her, if such a woman existed.


aCoS chapter 7


This also shows that Rand understands Perrin's wife better than Perrin himself, as Perrin thought that she was just doing it for kicks.   LOL



Respected character-




Mostly for how honorable he is throughout the entire series.



Character that made you laugh-




 I really didn't like here at first with her continuous hatred of Moiraine, but once that got toned down, and her humorous actions became more common, she quickly became my second favorite character in this magnificent story.


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My favorite character: by far Moiraine. In fact, Moiraine has become my favorite character in any fantasy book. Simply magnificient. From other characters, I basically liked all Emond Fielders (although Nynaeve only after half of the saga or so) and my favorite character from them oscillated all the time, until in the end it was ba far Egwene. From less important characters, I have to go for Siuan. A honorable mention for Lan too. From antagonists then the order is: Ishamael, Demandred, Lanfear.

Most respected: again Moiraine.

Character which made me laugh most: Mat. Especially when he was on Tuon's presence.

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Favorite character: Rand and Mat


Most respected character: definetly Egwene, she sacrifice everything for her ideals. And Rand, Perrin, Moraine, Lan and Nynaeve, all they in a second place.


The funniest character is obviously Mat (if someone dont put hem in this topic, is crazy or is lying). Elayne/Birgette couple is funny too.

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I have to say Alanna Mosvani. It's like she's the only real Aes Sedai that unconditonally love and care for Rand after she force the bond on him of course. She is also the only one that understood him best and the thing that I remember now , a decade later in terms of character, all of them, even the females, was that her sisters found her crying in the room alone and when asked why? It's because she could feel Rand pain the entire time and wonder how he could live with it. All of her interaction have her trying to get near Rand to alleivate his pain some way some how, and she is always worried. It's a shame she that she died at the end and she never got to be a friend of Rand, not truly.



Second would be Rand because despite all of his friends, lovers and the Aes Sedai trying to hamper him the entire way. HE still got the job done cleaning Saidan. Seriously, between getting slap by the old hag Casadune and Egwene plan on making the Dragon Frigging Reborn bend knee to her. It's a surprise he ever got anything done.

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