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Warder Gameshow week: Find the warders!


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Several gentlemen of the Warders guild have gone missing! For reasons unknown! And my best guess is that in a matter of time, their avatars will have scattered around the various Gameshow week threads!


So an rather dashing (and quite handsome) extraordinaire (me) has been tasked with finding them. Unfortunately, I be a lazy git, so you all gotta so it for me. I may or may not take credit later. Just a heads up.



...Seriously though, welcome the the Find the Warders game! No avatars have been hidden as of me posting this, but when they are, they'll be edited into existing posts in the Warder Gameshow week threads. I'd also appreciate it if you signed up for the game, so that I can easily keep track of who's playing, and points and all. Just add "/signed" or something to your first post here, and I'll add your name to the scoreboard.


Here's how you'll get scored:

Find one avatar that nobody else on the thread found yet = +1 point.

Be the first person on the thread to post all locations of the avatars currently hiding = +5 points.


So for instance, if there are currently  5 avatars hiding, and you are the first person to discover all of them, you'll get +10 points. However if another player had found two avatars before you (Gaining +2 points) but you are the first person to find the rest and list all five, you'll get +8 points. Simple.



I'll make a post once the avatars have been hidden...



Songstress -- 10 Points

Aidanna -- 8 Points

Theodora -- 1 Point

Kaylee -- 1 Point
KassidyRose DaiShan

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Sign me up...as long as it starts before to long.


It depends on when Heart is next around. I don't have the power to edit other people's posts, so she has to help me out. I already chose the hiding spots and which avatars are hiding first, now it's the waiting game.

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He posted earlier that he had chosen the hidey spots, but he had to wait for Heart to edit them into threads in different places. 


I wasn't looking for them, I just saw them. Since I saw them, I wanted to post that i found them before I forget who I found... I don't think you have to wait, but I promise, I wasn't out to look for them. 

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Yeah, sorry, the game has started. I haven't had access to my computer all of today, so I couldn't post. I am truly sorry!


Anyway, here are the avatars hiding right now:





-Eternal Pheonix

-Matrim Hatrim


You need to post specifically where they are on this thread. To do that, click the post number in the top right corner above the post containing the avatar, Which looks like this:


Then post the link on this thread.


Good luck.

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