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Warder Gameshow Week-The Boggle


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Hello everyone and Welcome to the Boggle game. I'm Xthrax and I'll be hosting this game. Now for those of you who haven't played before, here are the rules:


I post a picture of a Boggle board and you guys post the words you can find from it.

You can search and construct letters from sequentially adjacent letters, where adjacent letter are those vertically, horizontally and diagonally neighbouring.

The words must be at least 3 letters long, may include singular and plural forms of the word(but you cant give a plural form of an already constructed word just by tacking on a 's' or other plural forms) but may not use the same letter more than once per word.


The points will be decided and tallied at the end of the game based on the words you have constructed. So lets build some words!



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Here's my list. I even sorted it in alphabetical order!

  1. Age
  2. Ago
  3. Anger
  4. Ant
  5. Bag
  6. Bait
  7. Bang
  8. Blah
  9. Bolt
  10. Bong
  11. Bony
  12. Boy
  13. Gab
  14. Gain
  15. Gait
  16. Get
  17. Gilt
  18. Give
  19. Giver
  20. Hag
  21. Ham
  22. Lag
  23. Linger
  24. Lite
  25. Long
  26. Mail
  27. Main
  28. Man
  29. More
  30. More
  31. Nab
  32. Nag
  33. Nigh
  34. Ogre
  35. Only
  36. Regal
  37. Rev
  38. Ring
  39. Tier
  40. Tiger
  41. Tin
  42. Tiny
  43. Tire
  44. Vie
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