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Who comes before us as candidate for Aes Sedai? (Mystica)

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Congrats MYST!!! :D :D *snuggle-bites* Where the heck are your other sponsors!? I want to see some oaths and Ajah declaring!! *coughREDcough* I'm -not- biased I swear! >_>

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hehe thanks everyone :D *tacklehuggers up&down and left&right*


Eh, I dunno, they might be in hibernation.... :shock:


Um yeah, Amavia, I had actually expected to see other people's raisings first too *puzzled look*


lol Arya, awwwwwwww you look so cute all flustered and stuff.... matches your shawl :twisted:

:shock: you'd actually kick me if you ever met me RL? *writes note to self: stay away from the crazy Red IRL* *shifty eyes*


*tacklesnuggers Nia!* :D

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Woo hoooo way to go Mysty, good work girlie :lol: Many congrats on your raising hun.

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OMG - How did this happen so fast??? :shock: :shock: :shock:


CONGRATULATIONS, hunny!!! I cant wait to know which Ajah you've chosen! You've been with us so often in the Blues, I cant imagine you being anywhere else! But, I know whichever Ajah does get you is extremely lucky! *hugs* :D

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I dunno!! I did a little here, a smidgeon there, hopped about on one foot, threw some licks at random, begged for bites and snuggled with Snape.


*shrugs confuzzled*

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*g* I remember a few persons who kept people guessing their Ajahs as well... :roll: :lol:


I will speak on her behalf!


Mystica is a wonderful person. I don't think I've ever seen an aspirant to go from novice to Aes Sedai in such a short time, I mean, not that long ago she was still a novice! :D She's a hard-working, dedicated member of the White Tower, and one of the nicest too (she gave me a cuddle today because I'm sick). Myst has welcomed the newbies for the Yellows, done this and that for the other Ajahs and helped Mother and Mia as well.

Besides (or because *look*) all her great achievements Myst is a well-liked (and much sought-after) and I know all the Ajahs in the Tower would love to have her. She's enthusiastic and helpful and crazy enough to hang around the Yellows ( :roll: ) (which is why she should join us *another look*), and I know she'll be a great Aes Sedai no matter which Ajah she chooses if only because she's so awesome. ;) Now I only want to know which Ajah will snap up her awesomeness. :lol


*hugs Mystica* Congrats dear! :D

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awwwww thanks Larmie!! *snugglehuggersmooches*


(one of the perks of online hugging is you can hugg and smooch sick people without fear of getting sick yourself)


*tackleflyinghuggers Angyl* Thanks sweetpie! :)

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I'll speak for Mystica :D


*takes a deep breath*


Myst is my sweety. She's one of these people who make friends really, really fast. It's incredible how she managed to befriend half of the Tower for her short time here. I think this shows what a wonderful person she is :) She's always active,lively and fun and needless to say she's one of my most favorite people on DM *huggles*. Another good thing in Myst is that she always says what she thinks, always straight and honest. I really respect people like that and I believe that this is one the things which make her so unique. I'm a 100% sure that she'll make an incredible Sister.I, just as Larmie, am very surprised at how fast she reached the Aes Sedai level, but this only shows how dedicated she is to her interests and everything she's doing. Myst helped with the red ajah project, also with archieving some important threads and this is something I really appreciate :)


When I first met her, she was exposing her opinion on a very sensitive, for me, subject. We got in a little fight and ever since then we established a very special bond between us :D


Myst, I'm really happy that you're going to be raised so soon *hugs*! I know you'll be a great Sister and your Ajah will be more than lucky to have you :D


Wow, it's time to see what's your choice :)

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Awwww thanks Laur! *huggertackles*


Well I suppose it's time for me to say something.



but first I gotta' go to the store...

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LOL did not!!


Alrighty then....


As I said, I was torn between 3 Ajahs and it was till the last moment that I jùst couldn't decide because well..... They're all equally great, fun, wonderful in their own way and I really felt at home with all 3 of them!


At this point I'd like to voice how cruel this whole Ajah picking thing truelly is to us poor Accepted! This proves it, Aes Sedai have a 'mean' and 'wicked' sence of humor!


And I'll be joining them soon!! Mehehehehe.....



The Blues


Ahhhh, what can I say about them plotting, scheming, fun loving, snape craving, potter stalking, gorgeous babes in blue?

Wayyyyyyyyyyyy back, when I was just an ickly little tiny novice (about um.. x weeks ago) Mia and Niamh picked me up when I was feeling a bit down and didn't quite know if these boards were really the place for me. Having never been part of any forumbased community before, it was all rather strange and confusing to this swiss cheese head, but those two wouldn't just let me go and *snap* instantly made me feel wanted :D

Our lovely Keeper has been a busy bee since then (prolly plotting some scheme or other *shifty eyes*), but Niamh had smelled fresh meat and didn't let me off the hook. And I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED that hook! I'm gonna make it into an earring! *nods*

When I got my Ajah task from the Blues I got to know more of them and bam! Got knocked over with a flood of fun, warm, family feeling. This was truelly a group that stuck together, had fun, genuinly care about each other and àll other Ajahs! and it's jùst soooooooo danged easy to fit in there.

Danya I knew from the Band, so nothing really surprising there on how magnificent that woman is! And Jhae had me in stitches with her PG-13 struggles *grins* Charis (pronounced with a K!) is simply adorable and great fun and well I can go on, but suffice to say that when they got something Blue on, trust me, they're humongously fabulous!





The Yellows


(note: i picked orange cuz yellow is hard to read on these boards)


When first I wandered over to the yellow boards, I expected honestly to kinda' find a place where they would sit around, talk about herbs and bandages, with snooty noses and whatnot... (yeah, I based myself on the books lol). Then I saw there was this Head called Nyneave and I was like: OH HELL NO! :shock: And then........ she licked me

Needless to say, I was ruined for all time! In that great, crazy, lickable, snuggling type of way. And when I noticed how she claimed posession over one of Larmie's boobies...... I just KNEW that I was in the right spot! Not to mention some crazy yellow male person (also known as DemiGod) strutting around nekkid handing out plates left and right :?

Recently the Yellows got an adition in the form and person of Tigara and that guy is so yumingly adorable, cute, fun and simply delicious that I'm foreseeing the other Ajahs being in a hùge mess in the future trying to pursuade Accepted to 'not' join the Yellows. Tiggy is simply a Magnet Irresistible!

And then, of course, our beloved, great, snuggly, huggable, smoochaly Alarmie.... She... She.... Well...... She's the BOSS! (as a newly acquired WT member would say).

But Nyn's lap...... oh my warts! Nyn's lap!!... Le Sigh! (borrowing from a bratsedai lol). There's no words enough to describe the feel of sitting on that lap, tugging that braid and getting licked for your trouble. That's just.... just..... HEAVEN!




The Reds


Oh dear... what to say about these Reddies. They bite, they kick, they are complete and utter nutts and they are NOTHING like the Reds in the books. Tessandra and Laurana jumped on me like hungry she-lions on a deercub, instantly getting me addicted to them danged snugglebites and try as I may (and I did try!) 'not' to like them (had to keep up my aversity for the book reds) it simply was impossible. Tessandra.... My god, do these Reds have a recruitment bomb in that one. She's lovable, fun, easy going, caring, crazy, silly, wickedly evil! Her one little downside she shares with the Queen of Recruitments, the Vamp in vampire, the Nut in Peanut and the Heat in heatwave.

Laurana.... lmao! when I met her BAM! we had a fight. Her and Tess jumping at my throat was not a pretty sight (but weirdly enough, or not so weird for those that know me a tad bit, I secretely loved it :twisted: ). So there I was, thinking 'oh well, so much for the Reds' lol. Doh, hadn't thought about Tess's evil Master Plan and Laur's annoyingly magnetic characteristics. These two ladies are the BOSS! (even if they do have a weird taste in men 8) )

Then there's Arya..... LMAO! Talk about a riot!! The girl/woman is just a joy to have around. She lights up every board she's in (usually by being totally mean to me :( ) and you can't help but look forward to her posts. At least I can't. I find myself looking at the 'last post' and when I see it's her, I rush over to investigate what mischief she's been upto this time. *grins*

Recently, when I did my little Ajah investigation, another member of the Reds suddenly surfaced that I hadn't met before. Muirenn decided to grace my question thread with her presence and give me her uncensored opinion. It was great! I mean, to bother that much that you would come out of hiding for a new ickly accepted and actually take quite some time to write a HELL of a long post, very detailed and informative, that's saying much! And now I got her cutsey little behind on my msn list so I can bother her at will *smirks*

Needless to say that I had the time of my life with these Reddies and it's really been like going through hell trying to choose. For here too I felt like I was indeed part of a family. (something up untill 1 month ago I thought was a weird way to describe any online community, no matter how 'close' you got).





So yeah, if there was a BlueYellowRed Ajah, I'd be joining that one in a heartbeat :D


Sadly though, there isn't :( So I will have to choose......

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