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Approved CotL Bio - Amahn Luthgar - CC'ed by... Take a Wild Guess


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 Your Handle at DM: Te'Oran
 Character Name: Amahn Luthgar
 Division: Hand of the Light
 Character’s Age: 19

 Place of Birth or Raising: Caemlyn
 Physical Description: Amahn is shorty and stocky, being
 only 5' 6" tall and weighing a total of 183 pounds.
 He has shoulder length, dusty brown hair that usually hangs
 in thick braids which are tied off with leather cord. His
 eyes are chestnut brown and very wide. Amahn usually keeps
 his facial hair to a manageable stubble with his belt knife.
 His skin is a dark tone and has been made rough by exposure
 to the heat of summer and cold of winter.

 Other Description: Amahn is very resourceful and has
 basic wilderness survival knowledge. He is fairly outgoing
 but not so much as to be called sociable. His voice is very
 croaky and some have trouble understanding his speech.

   Amahn Luthgar was the second born son of a poor
 farmer who lived just outside of the city of Caemlyn. Due to their lack of wealth,
 usually Amahns family lacked adequate provisions, and quite
 often went without. Everything of value they ever gained was at
 some point or another stolen from them and sold off to another. It
 just did not seem fair to young Amahn at all, and so while
 growing up he always looked for someone or something to
 blame for all of the things he felt were unfair in the
 world, and found that in the Shadow. Turning the theory that
 the Dark One was the cause of all of the bad things that had
 happened to him as well as his family over in his head until
 he developed a deep hatred for the shadow, Amahn quickly
 made it his goal to destroy the Dark one and all of his
 minions. He trained aimlessly for hours every day, attacking
 the sides of barn doors as if they were actual trollocs.
 Soon after his nineteenth name day he approached the
 Children of the Light who, at the time were making their way
 through Andor, and he requested to join . . . Of course, he had
 considered joining other forces, such as the Warders for instance
 but to him the absolute purity of the Children of the Light was a given.
 No other force had a cause with as much absolute dedication to
 destroying the shadow in his eyes. He had always grown up hearing
 not so pleasant tales about the children, but after meeting with a few of
 them he could not at all see why. To put on that white cloak and purify the world
 was now his only goal in life.

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