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Approved BT bio for Gevin Dallor - CC'ed by the Band

Arath Faringal

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DM Handle: Zhon

Character Count: 0


Character Name: Gevin Dallor

Nationality: Lugard

Age: 20

Physical Characteristics: Lightly tanned skin, 5’6 tall with a thin build (130lbs); short black hair and brown eyes; always clean-shaven.


Personality: Gevin normally comes across as very friendly and social. He’ll talk about any subject given half a chance, and it can be difficult to make him stop when the subject is something he is genuinely interested in or if there’s some kind of debate or story involved. He rarely takes things seriously unless someone’s life is on the line, and even then tends to meet the challenge with a smile.


Note: Suffers from a channeling block. Once trained he can sense the Source and seize saidin at will, but is incapable of actually using a weave unless he is talking or at least whispering while he does so. If gagged or unable to hear his own voice, any attempts at channeling will fail outright.



Personal History: Like Murandy itself, Gevin grew up having very little impact on the people or events around him. Born and raised in one of the slightly less bawdy inns scattered across Lugard, he grew up among traders and wanderers of all kinds, even a few gleemen who stayed at the inn over the years.

Despite his parents’ efforts, meeting so many people and hearing the stories of their travels instilled Gevin with a strong wanderlust that he fed even more by reading about nearby lands. Sometimes he took the stage himself and retold those stories for others, more for the pleasure of it than anything else – although the extra silvers certainly didn’t hurt – and at eighteen years old managed to draw the attention and friendship of a gleeman who regularly stopped at their inn on his way between Andor and Illian. The man decided to make Gevin his apprentice and take him out into the wide world he had so dreamed about.


It took two years of training and practice before the gleeman allowed Gevin perform on his own, though he was very strictly ordered to keep it simple for a first attempt. He performed in a small town in eastern Ghealdan: juggling, some minor acrobatics, and telling a few of his stories in Plain Chant. A number of unusual visitors were at the inn that night, including Children of the Light, as the first snows began to fall following a drought rumored to be the Dark One’s work as well as the torrential rainstorms that had appeared after that. Despite his attempts at entertaining the inn’s guests most of them remained brooding or worried about what had been happening in the world, so on an impulse Gevin decided to step up his performance with a High Chant excerpt from the Great Hunt of the Horn, determined to awe them and make them forget their worries.


Everyone looked up as his voice suddenly seemed to fill the room, more so than any normal man’s voice should have been able to. His skin felt like it was on fire, or was it frozen solid? He assumed it was simple nervousness at having so many eyes on him as well as his mentor’s angry glare from offstage, and ignored it as he continued. But when he reached a certain line in the tale – “And thus the lost Heroes wouldst join the fight, bathed in an eternal golden Light” – the room itself was suddenly bathed in light as well, emanating from a point somewhere above Gevin’s head. He glanced up in shock, no longer speaking as the light grew brighter and then vanished like it never was.


The gleeman was the first to react. He grabbed Gevin and was out the inn’s back entrance before the Whitecloaks in the audience could draw their weapons and follow, and out of town altogether by the time a full alarm was raised behind them. The two fled east back toward Murandy, and a week after that incident Gevin came down with alternating fevers and chills that left him incapable of going further than the next inn they passed. His mentor cared for him through the sickness, but after it broke he told Gevin that his apprenticeship was over and that he should go find a black-coated recruiter for the Dragon Reborn’s army. They’d be able to help him if anyone could. The man left early that morning while Gevin was still too weak to follow.


Left with no other real options, Gevin did as his mentor suggested once he was well enough. He found a recruiter almost a month after the sickness and joined up with the Black Tower, figuring that fighting for the Dragon Reborn had to be better than just letting himself go mad or being gentled at the White Tower… didn’t it?

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