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Dancing in the Blight


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  Basic story-line to follow: A group of ambitious young Aiel journey into the Blight to prove themselves as warriors by hunting whatever shadow spawn lies within. No bios necessary unless you really just feel the need to supply one! 




  Hyahm crept through the wasteland around himself that was lush with twisted and poisonous growth, his feet plodding silently across the ground with every step. Hearing screams and growls of various shadow spawn and starting to get the feeling he was being watched he urged the party of Aiel youths he was traveling with to continue forward. The land reeked a bitter sweet smell, and with every step some sort of plant matter crunched under foot and added to the mix. He was feeling nauseous, though he would not let it be known to the others. Shaking his head Hyahm continued to creep forward, ignoring the bile that was making its way up into his throat.


  A short while later as the party was creeping forward a large mass of matted fur and ripped skin darted in front of them, and then another behind. The group was being surrounded. Hyahm gripped two short spears from his back, bringing them out in both hands, quickly, he jumped into a defensive stance. This is what they had been waiting for . . . Hyahm's heart began to beat rapidly, feeling almost as if it was going to explode from his chest. He had completely forgotten the queasy feeling from earlier. Almost on cue as his heart rate began to steady, four of the creatures burst out into the open, darting towards Hyahm and those in his group.


  Hyahm darted forward slamming the short spear gripped in his right hand into the gut of one of the creatures, and then spun, quickly darting to the side. He yanked the spear from the abdomen of the - now screaming - creature as he did this, and a thick, black substance that he thought must be blood began to ooze from the wound and onto the ground at a steady trickle. As he spun the spear in his left hand made a light scrape across the face of another one of the creatures, though this wound was not fatal. All around him was chaos as more of the beasts poured from the forest and out into the clearing throwing themselves at the young Aielmen.

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