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Exploring and Kissing???? * Anton and Myth*


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Zierna woke up late the next day, it still seemed strange to be in the stedding where there were others like her. Since she was not really hungry at the moment she thought it might be a good idea to explore a little. Comming in at night like she had there really was not a lot to see now in the day time she would be able to really see the village. Dressing quickly she peeked out her door and looked around, no one was in sight so she guessed that she was on her own this morning.


Walking out in to the light she had to give her eyes some time to adjust, the pain was not sharp but she still had to wait before she could start walking. She was alittle in awe of the willage and all those working or wandering around. Some of the kin smiled at her and waved while others nodded at her and continued doing what they needed to do. No one stopped her so she spent several moments just wondering around the stedding, some times she was walking though the trees and enjoying the quiet and others she was walking between homes. It felt good to her to be there, almost as if she were in complete control of herself.


After about an hour she frowned, she had no idea where she was at or on what side of the stedding she was on. Comming around several trees she gave a small cry and covered her eyes, the light shined off of some thing and caught her right in the face. Her eyes watered and she could hear others close by but was unable to open them enough to see what was going on. Some one could have been running right at her and she would not have been able to move at all.


The sounds from around her were confusing to say the least, it sounded like girls squeeling and boys laughing. Unsure of what to do she stood there with her hands over her eyes hoping that the pain would stop soon so that she could open her eyes. If she would have known then her reaction might not have been so bad, it seemed that several of the new kin were playing some kind of game. It seemed that she had stumbled in to a game of kissing tag and was standing with her eyes covered just like all the others who were not it.


** ooc ok Myth its all up to you *grins*

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Speed’s first few days among the Wolfkin here in the stedding had been a whirlwind of lessons and adjustments. It hadn’t all been difficult, but a lot of it had been. That was why he was intent on enjoying today. It was his first entirely free day since Anton had brought him in, Owen had showed him around, and Burrich had begun his training. Looking back, he couldn’t believe he had only been here such a short while. It seemed like he had been here his whole life, and in a way he had been.


Right now, though, none of that mattered. He was playing a fun game with some of the other young Wolfies, and he was starting to pay attention to who he thought he would try and make friends with. He had never played kissing tag in his old life. In fact, most of his time back then had been spent around only grown men and horses. It surprised him to find that several of the girls here seemed to like him. Of course, none of them would have been able to catch him if he ran his hardest (they didn’t call him Speed for nothing), but many of them were pretty, so he had been caught several times and kissed thoroughly. He was completely fine with it, too.


After he had been caught and kissed for the third time by a particularly pretty and determined girl, he was intent on finding out her name. She obviously liked him. But before he called out her name as she dashed away squealing with delight, he noticed a new girl standing on the edge of the clearing with her eyes covered. He hadn’t seen her playing before, but she was good looking and obviously wanting to join in. Sprinting over to her, he laid a good one on her.


With a full kiss right on the lips followed by a hearty laugh, he took off. Today was going great!

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There was some one comming closer to her and there was nothing she could do about it, her eyes still hurt to much to open and see what was going on around her. Tensing her mucles she waited hoping that it was not some one comming to attack her, she knew that she was going to have to go back to her stuff and get some of her herbs to take after this. Shock was the frist thing that swept though her, some one had just kissed her and then ran away, breathing deep she could pick out his scent.


Every thing seemed to happen all at once, first she was standing there stunned and then she was growling softly only this time she recognised it and tried to stop. She let out another little whimper and slowly opened her eyes, the pain was intence but some thing in her would not let her close them again. She push past the pain and looked around the clearing, there were others standing around the clearing and they all looked like they were enjoying themselves. The pain made it harder for her to stay in control as she started to stalk the one who kissed her, thoughts of Anton came to her and her ability to control the wolf slipped a little more.


What would he think if there was the scent of another male lingered on her? She did not want him to think any thing bad had occurred but how in the world would she explain what happened. The more she thought about it the more agitated she became, the more agitated she was the more the wolf took control. Her distress was felt by Shadow Dancer but he was far from where she was, doing the only thing he could he reached out to the one he knew was closer.


** A small cub backed up in a corner with a larger predator coming closer. The cub seemed to be guarding some one behind her as the light flashed in her eyes. A low whimper of pain was heard and the predator came running sensing an easy meal. The cub shakes its head and growls, fur bristling and changing.....**


With nothing else to be done by Shadow Dancer he could only hope that Anton could get to her in time and stop what was happening. Walking aways down the path he went to check on the cub that he was in charge, silly little thing thought he could take on the world. Back in the clearing it was a different story.


Zierna moved quickly she was on the hunt and would not stop until she found the one who had kissed her, he would not escape her. Her shoulders were hunched as she moved, her eyes always scanning the ground and the area around her while she tried to follow his tracks. Stopping occasionally to sniff the air gave her confirmation that she was going the right direction. Soon she would have her prey and teach him a thing about kissing her when she belonged to some one else....... * belong to some one else**


The human side of her thought about that and liked the idea, she did not want to hurt some one else because they did not know. Fighting with her wolf she managed to slow the hunt some what while trying to work out how to get back in control, Anton told her she had to do that as soon as she could. Her eyes caught movement and she spun to the left, her kisser was just ducking behind a tree. It almost felt like he was playing a game with her, only to her it was not a game and she wanted to do some thing... well the wolf wanted to do some thing nasty and she just wanted to stop it.


* ooc Myth or Anton either of you can post next *grins* not sure where its going next **

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Speed was having the most fun he had had since he had last raced in Tear.


The thrill of the wind blowing in his face, the roar of the crowd, and the racetrack blurring under Red’s ground-eating strides were the pinnacle thus far in Dautry’s young life. He had excelled as a jockey on the track even before he began riding the big Tairen stallion, but since he had first climbed aboard the young racehorse, he and Red had never lost a race. He had enjoyed equal success, but with much less fanfare, when he had run in footraces. Of course, that life was no longer open to him, at least as far as he could tell.


But today certainly was doing its best to make up for everything he had left behind.


The laughter and squeals of delight that permeated the forest left his mind far-removed from all the tension of the last few months. He wasn’t hiding in fear of his life today. The excitement of ducking behind tree trunks and diving behind bushes was for a much more enjoyable reason. Nothing could ruin the fun he was having today. Nothing.


As he sprinted through the forest that was surprisingly devoid of undergrowth, he couldn’t wipe the ecstatic smile off his face. He was sure he was going to make some new friends today. He just knew it.


Dashing around a particularly large tree, Speed came skidding to a halt. Standing there in front of him was the pretty girl who had already kissed him three times today. Befuddled, Speed stood there with his mouth open. She wasn’t supposed to be the one chasing him. He had kissed the slightly older looking girl, hadn’t he? There were no times for questions, though, as the pretty girl flashed a deliciously wicked grin and wrapped herself around him with the strength of an Ogier. What is she doing?


The passionate kisses quickly drove all rational thoughts out of his head. Wrapping his arms around her (he still hadn’t learned her name!), he intended to enjoy this moment forever. This is awesome! Nothing bad can happen today. Nothing.

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This hunt was a good one, her prey was close and she would be able to catch him soon. Coming around the tree some thing bright flashed light in to her eyes and she covered them quickly with her hand. The pain was so strong that all she could do was whimper and retreat, the wolf in her took advantage of her pain and took control. She would get her prey and make him pay for, for what? the human side of her tried to reason but it was hard to think when the pain was so much. Now the hunt was on again and she had no way of slowing it down like she had been before the light blinded her. Taking a deep breath she caught his scent and started following him again, although this time there was some thing else in the scent. Some one else was with her prey, a growl of frustration came from her as she slowed the hunt. She did not want to hurt any one else, moving closer it was easier to tell the difference between the two that were there. Her prey and another female seemed to be oblivious to the fact that they were both in the hunters light of sight or at least the male was.


The female lifted her head first as Zie came a few steps closer to the both of them, some thing in her stance must have given her intent away because the female moved. There was some thing in her face that caused the wolf to pause for a second, the pain faded just enough for the human side of Zie to gain a hold on the wolf. Sensing failure the wolf howled at her human side and attacked her prey, they collided just as he was turning around to see what had the girl he was kissing looking scared. Both of them tumbled to the ground and then broke off, the male looking very confused and Zie looking ready to pounce again. To her, he was good at using speed to jump out of her way and staying just out of reach. The longer they fought the more enraged the wolf in her became because she could not get her hands on him to finish it.


Growling and circling him she made another charge and ended up being slammed in to a work table by her own speed. Her hand picked up some thing that the wolf thought might shift the balance in to her favor. Keeping it hidden along her arm she started to stalk him again, by now the girl was out of the way so that Zie had the room to attack as much as was needed. She would take him down and that would put an end to any one trying to kiss her when she belonged to another..... * to belong to.... * a cry came from the human side of her again, this time trowing off the wolf in her hunt. * can not let you do this, have to find the balance... Anton said so * Both sides of her were fighting while she was still attacking her prey, the pain from the light was still affecting her and making it hard for her to regain control. One thought came to her human side, this had to end soon or she might not survive.

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Heart racing, blood pumping, gasping for breath. Before today, Speed had never known a feeling this good unless he was racing. It turned out that girls had more arms than an octopus, not that he minded. She tasted like strawberries. But he still hadn’t learned her name.


For some reason as he was nibbling on her neck, she pulled away suddenly. He knew she liked it because she had already told him between breathless sighs, but she wasn’t even looking at him as she backed away, her hand going up to her mouth as her eyes grew wide. Speed turned to see what she was looking at just as something growled and hit him. He hit the ground before noticing anything more than a pair of golden eyes and a snarl.


Rolling away from his attacker, Speed rose to a crouch as he tried to assess the situation. What under the Light is going on!? He recognized his nemesis from earlier. She was the pretty older girl at the edge of the clearing. Is she jealous? She’s acting like she’s gone mad! The frenzied, golden eyed woman looked ready to pounce at any moment…


He dodged her repeatedly as she leapt at him again and again, growling like a rabid dog, her golden orbs flashing with anger, and was it pain? Speed was vaguely aware of his romantic partner screaming helplessly in the background, but he was only focused on the furious creature before him. He kept turning, trying to keep her in front of him as she circled him like a wolf looking to hamstring its prey, her teeth bared in a snarl, her fingers curled like an eagle’s talons. He used all the speed and agility that gave him his nickname to keep her off him. But she attacked him relentlessly, and she never said a word when he tried to ask her why she was mad. She just growled.


Finally, he caught a brief reprieve. Barely dodging out of the way in time, the crazed wolf-girl ran full speed into a work table. He thought the attack was over, because she looked to have hurt herself. Hurrying toward her, still unsure of what exactly was going on, Speed drew up short as she turned to face him. A look of confusion spread across her face, and he began to ask her, “Are you all ri…”


The last thing he saw before everything went black was the hammer coming toward his head.

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Grabbing Zierna's free hand from behind her, Anton barely caught the other as she swung the hammer she had in her hand as hard as she could.  Ripping the hammer free from her grasp and tossing it aside, he staggered back as the woman leapt on him, trying to claw at him with her free hand.  Managing to snag her other arm, Anton fell backwards but twisted as he did so, landing ontop of the Wanderer and using his weight to keep her pinned even as she thrashed and even attempted to bite him.


Shimmying up her so he could put his knees on her arms to keep them trapped, it freed his hands which he used to keep her head still so she couldn't try gnawing at his kneecaps.  Bestial, that was the only way to describe her now, losing herself to her wolf nature that was in turn perverted by the fact that it was only a half nature, responding all too easily to impulse instead of the natural reason that pervaded a pack.  Opening his mind up was something he did rarely, but he did so nevertheless as he called to the Wolfkin near him, an image of an older wolf subduing a young pup that fought half madly to get out from under his paw, an urgency attached to the image conveyed exactly what was going on.


A second image was one which Anton could see, Speed lying on the ground and bleeding from the head wound that Zierna had inflicted with the hammer she had snagged from the work table.  Other images came to him as different wolfkin responded, even as he communicated back in kind to reveal more details of what was wrong.  All the while, Zierna thrashed beneath him as she tried to get free, trying to savage him in any way that was available to her.  Her knees didn't have enough strength to dislodge him with their blows, and her attempts to reach his knees or even the wrists of his hands were in vain.


Looking up to see Miryana approaching, Anton spread his legs a little further so they would be out of reach of Zierna's teeth even as he removed his hands from her head that strained to reach him.  Gesturing for the woman to hurry, it suddenly struck Anton that something was terribly amiss.


She'd stopped moving



Anton Averdal


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