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Red Ajah Autumn Festival: Siggy Contest!

KassidyRose DaiShan

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Please come and join the Red Ajah in their Autumn Festival is music themed  this year ! In this thread  is the Siggy contest ,  Please make the sigs music~y .


The Festival runs from October 7~14  I will be moderating the contest and putting the siggy's up for vote .


Please post   your entries in the thread or PM them to me !   by October 7th ... any entries posted after  the 7th  will have less time and may have less chance of winning. 



Siggy entrys !

















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Sorry about that Mashiara after I posted that we have had a outage in my area and that was Internet and cable and phone service . I will be touchy with service today as well . It  should be fixed by tonight  the cable company has informed me . 


Thank you Moon for responding . * I will post  that in the main post as well* 

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Might I suggest we PM you the siggies then you reveal them when the date is up? Otherwise we'll all just be distracted and discouraged by all the awesome siggies that other people are making and fear putting any in ourselves. (When I say "we" I really me "I". And when I say "distracted" i really mean "confidence totally destroyed in absolute hopelessness and despair". Just sayin'.)



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Pssh, you sir have some of the most beautiful and artistic sigs I've seen! You have a great eye for color and layout, and layering effects. I'm a fan :biggrin:




Mind you, we have several people here who are just brilliant.

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