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How to Use and Write Restaurant Reviews

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We have been writing Reviews since our first days as a Social Group. At first, we had so few that we did not need to organize them, but today, there are so many, it can be hard to sift through! To try to make them as useful as possible, they are organized in two ways:

  1. We have an interactive Review Map of every Holiday and Restaurant Review made. We also have instructions for how to use the map. This can be especially useful if you are planning a road trip and want to see if any attractions or restaurants along your route are recommended by fellow Band members.
  2. We also have an Archive of all Restaurant Reviews ever written. The archive lists each review in alphabetical order, organized by continent. This also includes chain restaurants, which are not included in the map. 

Both of these options are useful for browsing past reviews.


Writing a Review

If you are wanting to write a new Review, please do the following:


Check the Review Archive to see if your location has already been done. If it has been done, first check the date. Any review made prior to 2008 may be redone. If 2008 or later, check the Review Map-- some post-2008 reviews may be redone as well -- these are noted in the map.

If it is available to review, include the following as applicable:

  • City, State/Province, etc
  • A street address, if known
  • Website, if available
  • Your opinion of the location
  • Average cost of a meal for two, using the following scale. (Note: Restaurant Reviews written prior to September 2013 use a different scale, found here. The current scale is designed to be more practical, both for tourists and locals. Since the conversion rate changes every day, we are mainly just looking for a rough estimate.)

    U.S., Canada, and Australia
    $ - $0 - $30
    $$ - $30 - $60
    $$$ - $60 +

    £ - £0 - £20
    ££ - £20 - £50
    £££ - £50 +

    € - €0 - 25
    € - 25 - 55
    € - 55 +


Some other helpful things that might impact your review:

  • How was the ambience?
  • How was parking?
  • How was the service?

​Note: Chain Restaurants may be reviewed, but will not be placed on the Review Map. If reviewing a chain, please review the chain as a whole, rather than an individual franchise location.



Earning Points


Reviews are one of the ways you can earn points. One point can be awarded for each of the following:

  • Writing a review
  • Responding to a review with a constructive comment
  • Being the author of a review with constructive comments
  • In care cases, a bonus point may be given for an exceptional review

Some Example Reviews

Corki's Review of The Seashell

F Horn of Valere's Review of Spaghetti House

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