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Interactive Map of Holiday and Restaurant Reviews

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After many years of Band members writing reviews from their travels, we realized that just writing reviews is not good enough; we needed a way to use them! To solve this problem, our Interactive Review Map was born.


Throughout this topic, any words that are in bold maroon can be found under the Technical Terms at the bottom of the post.



How to use the map:



Using the map to explore reviews

There are a few ways to use the reviews. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Going on a road trip? Follow your trip's path on the map and see if any reviews are along the way.
  2. Considering a trip to another region or country? If you have someplace in mind, see if any reviews are in the area.
  3. Looking for someplace new to eat, or someplace new to visit in your area? See if anyone near you wrote a review.

​Reviews can all be identified by their Tags. For Holiday Reviews, all general regions are identified with a blue pin. Cities have a dot inside the blue pin. Specific attractions are identified with a star inside the blue pin. For Restaurant Reviews, all reviews are identified with the symbol of a fork and knife.


Note: Four Holiday Reviews were too difficult to pin by location, so they are located above the map.


Features and Troubleshooting-- How to use the map, what the symbols mean, and technical FAQs

  • To move the map, click on the Hand icon in the menu bar. Click and drag on the map to move. You can zoom in or out using the track on the far right. You can also click on the arrows above the track to move the map.
  • To select a review, locate any Tag. Select the Cursor icon in the menu bar, and then click on the Tag. Once you can read the Tag's text, clicking on the text bubble will take you to the original review.

Some possible technical help questions:

  • Why can't I move the map? You probably need to click on the "Hand" icon in the menu bar.
  • Why can't I select a review? You probably need to click on the "Cursor" (Arrow) icon in the menu bar.
  • Can anyone add to the map, or accidentally mess it up? Changes can only be saved if you have the password. New reviews will be added on a frequent basis by staff.
  • Most of the review icons are just numbers. Try zooming in.



Technical Terms

  • Tag - The shapes that represent reviews. Blue pins identify Holiday Reviews (pins with a star represent an attraction, a dot represents a city, and a plain blue pin represents a region.) Restaurant Review tags are made of the image of a fork and knife.
  • Text Bubble - When you click on a Tag, a text bubble appears. If you click on the text bubble, you will be taken to the actual review.
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