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The Way of the Way of the Leaf (Ranking System)

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Tuatha’an Ranking System


Level 1 – Tuatha’an

Level 2 – Master

Level 3 – Master of 3, Master of 6, or Master of 9

Level 4 – Grand Master


Level 1

You want to become a Tuatha’an? Just sign up in our Social Group and you will receive this title. Click here to go to the sign in thread.


Level 2

After completing three Beginner Challenges, you will receive the title of Master. You will need to report your progress about those Challenges in the special thread that will be opened with your name on the Campfire Board, so that we can keep track of your good work.



Level 3

After becoming a Master, there’s still a lot of work to do. Have a look in all the different Wagons. Each has their own Challenges for advancement. When you finish three Challenges in the same Wagon, you will receive a bronze pin. After three more, you will receive a silver pin. And after three more, a golden pin.


Again, you will have to report your progress in the special thread with your name on it in the Campfire Board so we can keep track of the work you have accomplished.


Completing all the Wagon Challenges will get you nine pins.  To get the last three, we will have special Social Group Challenges. These Challenges will focus on helping out the SG, or helping other members to grow.  It follows the same format as the Wagon pins: after three Challenges you get a bronze pin.  The next three Challenges will get you a silver.  And the last three will get you a gold.  Social Group Challenges can be found here.


Level 4

When you managed to get all twelve pins (the three pins available for each Wagon and three additional SG pins), you have then reached the Grand Master Rank. Congratulations!



Lost ones

The Tuatha’an are not ones to take revenge on members who wandered away. If you think you’ll need to leave the Wagons for a while, please post in the LoA thread. If you don't post a LoA, and you don't post in a roll call for six months, you will be declared Lost. You will be able to come back later, of course, without losing your pins, but you may lose access to all the Tinker Boards.

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Current Raising Challenge List


Artist’s Wagon Challenges:

1. April Art Challenge: Thpring hath Thprung!



Crafter’s Wagon Challenges:



Writer’s Wagon Challenges:

1. Crap you've been working on (April) [working title in progress]

2. Writing workshop (April)


Social Group Challenges: (Go HERE for more information)

1. Recruit a new member (and have them say so when they sign up)

2. Participate in or lead a SG Project (like the mystery craft game, etc.)

3. Review a song (this can be posted on the main Tinker Board)

4. Learn the month's dance (this month's dance is "Thriller")



Being worked on, feel free to make suggestions to the proper Wagon Leader

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Current Members Ranks



Level 1 – Tuathan’an:

See Campfire Board


Level 2 – Master:



Level 3 – Master of 3, Master of 6, or Master of 9:



Level 4 – Grand Master:

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