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Welcome to the ACW Tuatha'an Camp Social Group

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Welcome to the ACW Tuatha’an Camp Social Group


You are welcome to our fires.  You are welcome to the Tinker Social Group!


The Tinker Social Group is dedicated to creativity in all forms. 


In this thread you will find information on:

The Wagons and Staff Structure 

For more information on our Group Check out these threads:

The Way of the Leaf Rank Advancement Thread

Join the ACW Tuatha'an Camp Social Group.

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The Wagons


Within the Tinker Social Group, we have three Wagons—or factions: The Artists and Crafters Wagon, the Hobby Wagon, and the Writer's Wagon.  When you sign up for the Group, you will be able to access all three of the Wagons. You can participate in any and all of the Wagons' discussions, challenges, and showcases. 

Here is an overview of the Wagons and what they entail.

The Artists and Crafters Wagon focuses on working with all things graphic such as painting, drawing, digital, photography, etc,. and things you make with your hands, such as sewing, knitting, cooking, metalwork, woodwork, and more. 

The Writer's Wagon is for people to use their creativity in different forms of the written word.

The Hobby Wagon is for showcasing the things you put your creative energy into that may not fit in the other traditional wagons.

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Staff Structure


Mahdi—SG Leader: Kathleen


der'a'Har (Master of Hands)—Artists and Crafters Wagon Leader: Mashiara Sedai


der'Wansho (Master Builder)—Hobbies Wagon Leader: VACANT


der'Ansoen (Master Fictionist)—Writer's Wagon Leader: E. James Todd


haran'a'Har (Helper of the Hand)—Artist's Wagon Helper:  VACANT


haran'Wansho (Helper of the Builder)— Hobby Wagon Helper: 



haran'Ansoen (Helper of the Fictionist)—Writer's Wagon Helper: VACANT


Watcher of the Way of the Leaf—Rank Moderator: Chaelca



Feel free to PM any staff member in the Wagon of your interest with any questions, concerns, conflicts or ideas you wish to discuss.



Anything pertaining to the Social Group as a whole, or any issue you feel you can’t bring to the der’a’Har, der’Wansho or der’Ansoen, can be directed to the Mahdi’s attention via PM or email (kat.alcorma [at] gmail.com)

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