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Sept. Report

Rasheta Ardashir

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Please post your reports here! Please have your reports posted by the
6th so Kathleen can get hers in by the 10th. Thanks everyone




1) Total: [amount] Members, [amount] characters (that would be Active + Inactive]

New: [amount] Members, [amount] characters (also add them to Active, or Inactive if they've not yet RPed as full AS)
full handle - full character name

Active: [amount] Members, [amount] characters
full handle - full character name (last time RPed as that character, ie Oct 2010)

Inactive (not RPed in past 3 months): [amount] Members, [amount] characters
full handle - full character name (last time RPed as that character)

MiA (not RPed in past 12 months - bio needs reapproval): [amount] Members, [amount] characters
full handle - full character name (last time RPed as that character)

2) RP's done by Ajah characters during [insert month]

3) Problems, ideas, etc

Example of 1:


(let’s say it's for June)

1) Total: 8 Members, 9 Characters (that would be Active + Inactive)

New: 2 Members, 2 characters
Phelix - Elin Hawes
Chikara - Bennu Abravanel

Active: 4 Members, 5 characters
Elgee - Zarinen Rafaliva (April 2010)
Phelix - Elin Hawes (June 2010)
Taei - Tayva ni Ayvery t'Reyon (June 2010)
U4ea - Loraine Kilaine (June 2010)
U4ea - Peggy Smith (May 2010)

Inactive (not RPed in past 3 months): 4 Members, 4 characters
Chikara - Bennu Abravanel (not yet RPed)
Elgee (Sitter - active OOC) - Larindhra Reyne (Jan 2010)
Lavinya - Lavinya Morganen (July 2009)
Miya- Miya Kiyoshi (March 2010)

MiA (not RPed in past 12 months - bio needs reapproval): 12 Members, 17 characters
Jaydena - Jaydena MacAntur (June 2009)
Jaydena - Peggy Sue Parker (2007)
WhiteWolf (Bio Checker - active OOC) - Cara Ramsey (2008)

2) RP's done by Ajah characters during [insert month]

Elgee - http://digitalglitch.org/drpsw/index.php?title=Larindhra_Reyne'>Larindhra Reyne – Red Sitter

Your presence is required - http://www.dragonmou...ce-is-required/'>http://www.dragonmou...ce-is-required/
Timeline: 995 NE 
Two Old Biddies plot and plan – Salidar novices are born. Darkfriend shenanigans included.
Sisterly Love - http://www.dragonmou...-sisterly-love/'>http://www.dragonmou...-sisterly-love/
Timeline: N&A Retro
With Accepted Miahna “Mimi” Telonne (Keyholder21)

Elgee - http://digitalglitch.org/drpsw/index.php?title=Zarinen_Rafaliva'>Zarinen Rafaliva - Red Ajah Head

Putting Two and Two together - http://www.dragonmou...d-two-together/'>http://www.dragonmou...d-two-together/
Timeline: 1000 NE (current)
More Ajah Heads find each other.


Reports to be done by:

MoN -



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September 2013 Report for the Black Ajah


1) Members Info:


Total: 3/4


Members: 3

Characters: 4


New: 0


Members: 0

New Characters: 0


Active: 1/2

Members: 1

Characters: 2


Kathleen - Seherai Mori (Yellow Ajah) Last Active – IC: August 2013 &OOC: September 2013


Kathleen - Alia Mariadoon (Blue Ajah) NSW BA HEAD Last Active: IC&OOC - July 2013



Inactive: 2/2

Members: 2

Characters: 2


Liitha - Cemarillinin Adoa (Green Ajah) Last Active - IC&OOC April 2013


Eqwina - Eqwina al'Caupthn (Yellow Ajah)  Last Active - IC: Feb. 2012 & OOC: May 2013 



To Be purged: 0/0


LoA: 0/0



2) RPs done this month


Seheria and Alia both have continuing RPs in their original Ajahs, but due to Kathleen’s month long LoA in September they may not both be listed on this report. They should both be continued in October’s report though.



3) Problems, ideas, etc


To Do:

* Look over the Website Info for Blacks and update it

* Think of Ajah specific things that Novices and Accepteds should know about the Black Ajah to post on the Great Hall.

* Continue Planning of Black RPs (discussion of all Heads on planning for the White Ajah RP/Ajah Head switch. )


OOC News


Long Shadow's Gathering (a CotS RP with two Black AS) is currently under discussion in the RP Staff board to get permission to become an rp where the shadow has a skrimmish on a boarder. Liitha is stalled in this and it is causing her to be unable to be active. She still is actively seeking a solution as the CotS RGL. 


Plans are in the works for a Black/Red/BT/CotS combo RP - First the Yellow E&E go missing, now the Reds go too. Don't worry, your friendly neighbourhood Black Sister will help make it stop! This was stalled with the staff changes. Elgee's red head was heading this and she went on indefinate LoA and left the Head position. On hold until we find a new Red Head or Elgee wish's to continue this.


There are things in the works; Blacks are always plotting don'tcha know! Just need more people to do most of it.


IC News


Seheria is still on  mission with a Dreadlord, who is also a minor noble, where she is attempting to return him to his rightful place in society after telling the world he has been Gentled and there is nothing to fear. Of course there is plenty to fear - such as everyone finding out she's a lying liar who lies. This is stalled waiting on the Dreadlord (Kura) to stop being so darn busy with school.

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September 2013 Report for the Yellow Ajah


1. Member and Character Count


Total members: 6/7

Members: 6

 Characters: 7


Active Members: 2/3

Members: 2

Characters: 3


Seharia Mori (Kathleen) - last RPed IC: August 2013 &OOC September 2013


Desandre CasbanNSW Head, played by Kathleen. Last Active IC: August 2013


New: 0

Members: 0

Characters: 0


Inactive: 1/1

 Members: 1

Characters: 1


Eqwina al'Caupthn(Eqwina) - last Active IC: February 2012 OOC: May 2013



LOA: 4/4

 Members: 4

Characters: 4


Carys Demot (KeyHolder21) - last Active IC: December 2012 Last Active OOC September 2013


Nynaeve Maryim (Nynaeve) - Last Active IC: 2011 November - Last Active OOC Dec 2011


Amadine al'Varine (Amadine) - last Active IC: February 2012 - Last Active OOC: Feb 2013


Camigwen Klatsang Marivin (Wayward_Fool) - last Active IC: Feb 2012 - Last Active OOC June 2013


To be Purged (MiA): 0/0



2. RPs this month *is expected to rp but has yet to post at all. 


1) None – Kathleen was on LoA for a month, but Healing the Masses is still going (with the Ajah head and a yellow sister).


3. Ideas & News:


To Do:

* Look over the Website Info for Yellows and update it

* Think of Ajah specific things that Novices and Accepteds should know about the Yellow Ajah to post on the Great Hall.

*Invite CotS to be part of the current 'Healing the Masses Rp'


IC News



OOC News


Keyholder's warder Ellessar has asked to have his bond passed to another Aes Sedai, seeing as Key has been on LoA for a long time and doesn't know when she'll return. Key was contacted and agreed. She plans to make a showing to RP out the switch over when it happens. She plans to have her character take a job that will keep her at the White Tower with no need for a warder. She will pass the bond to a green to give the warder a chance to follow his passion, with the understanding that when her job ends and she can travel again the bond will pass back to her. It is currently under OOC discussion to have the bond moved to a Green. This will most likely be happening in the upcoming month.


I have written the outline for a Yellow Ajah class. I left it for Ajah approval, but as no one has replied in a month I will be taking it to the staff board for other Ajah Head and MoN approval. Hopefully we can get it approved and get a Yellow class running before this batch of Accepted are all raised!


If ever you need healing, please don't hesitate to stop by, we're always on call! 


4. Problems:

I'm still pretty much alone. 

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Blue Ajah Report Sept 2013

1) Total: 2 Members, 3 Characters

  • New: 0 Members, 0 Characters



  • Active: 1 Member,  1 characters 

  1. Kathleen: NSW Black Head Alia Mariadoon (IC: August 2013 OOC: September 2013)
  • Inactive (not RPed in past 3 months): Members: 2, Characters 3
  1. Asyndara Ellenios (NPC Ajah Head; not yet rped)
  2. Claireducky - Gianna Riatin Last Active IC&OOC February 2013 (need to get links later)
  • MiA (not RPed in past 12 months - bio needs reapproval): 4 Members, 4 characters
  1. Elyssa: Elyssa Lliet
  2. Miya: Miya Kiyoshi (Feb 2010 -http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/43143-at-the-request-of-an-old-friend-atn-alin'> http://www.dragonmou...friend-atn-alin)
  3. Phelix: Gera Mondwin Sedai (April 2011)
  4. SerenaMorrigan: Serena Morrigan (July 2010)
  • LOA: 2 Members, 2 Characters
  1. KeyHolder21: Miahna “Mimi” Telonne Sedai (April 2012; active OOC September 2013)
  2. Wayward_Fool: Regalia "Ray-ray" Frantelle Sedai (IC: April 2012 OOC: May 2013)


2) RP's done by Ajah characters 

  • Blue Ajah Class rp was active, but not by the Blue sister, due to Kathleen's Month long LoA


3. Ideas & News:

  • Kat and Emily are working on a Yellow/Blue RP. Its got something along the lines of them both going after the same info, perhaps crossing paths in it but not knowing then maybe meeting up in the end or perhaps not, we just think it would be fun.


4. Problems:

  • [*]
Blue Ajah needs a Head, and more members.
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Gray Ajah Report - September 2013

1) Total: 2 Members, 3 Characters (that would be Active + Inactive)

  • New: 0 Members, 0 characters
  • Active: 0 Members, 0 character
  • Inactive (not RPed in past 3 months): 1 Members, 2 character
  1. Freja Peyrodin - NSW Gray Head (not yet rped - bio submitted)
  2. Claireducky - Cetaile din Lenaara (OOC Feb. 2013) (need links)
  • MiA (not RPed in past 12 months - bio needs reapproval): 1 Member, 2 characters
  1. Lavinya - Lavinya Morganen (July 2010)
  2. Lavinya - Pia Tovisen (July 2010)
  • Purged (bio must be re-approved):
  1. None
  • LoA: 1 Member, 1 Character
  1. Elgee - Esther Tremaine - Gray sister - May 2012



2) RPs done in July 2013


  • None.


3) Ideas & News:


  • None


4) Problems:

Find new Gray Ajah Head and get some activity back here

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Report for the RED AJAH – September 2013

1) Total: 2 Members, 3 characters (that would be Active + Inactive (+loa)]


New: 0 Members, 0 characters

Active: 1 Members (0 Characters)


Arath Faringal - Rochel Dion - Red Aes Sedai - IC: May 2012- posts: 1 OOC: August 2013



Inactive (not RPed in past 3 months): 1 Members ( 1 Characters)




  • LoA: 1 Members (2 characters)

Elgee - Larindhra Reyne - Red Sitter - IC: July 2012 OOC: Oct. 2012

Elgee - Zarinen Rafaliva - Red Aes Sedai - IC: Sept 2012 OOC: Oct. 2012


  • MiA - not RPed in 12 months: 5 members (5 Characters)
  1. Jagen Sedai - Jagen Halin – Red Sitter – Nov 2010
  2. Kara_J - Raslyn Altearin - Feb 2010
  3. Muirenn OOC 19.01.2010 - Shevara Edosian – Nov 2009
  4. Minisamus - Saline Wastrel – Red Aes Sedai - Oct 2010
  5. Phelix - Elin Hawes (temp link) - Red Aes Sedai - April 2011


Removed from Usergroup: 0 new


Character Retired / Deceased
Aubrey - Maegan Ryanne – 28-12-2009 – RETIRED August 2010

Purged for MiA

Carise (Carise Doraile - Aes Sedai 

Faile? (Faile al´Rahien - Aes Sedai (MIA Left the Site.)
Lyanna (Lauren Arrel - Aes Sedai
Rayne - Rayne Leséduire - Aes Sedai

Tigara - Jasmyne Ceres – Jan 2010 (he has given us permission to NSW his character should we need to, as long as we stay true to her character and email him the links to any RPs done)

Zania - Zania al'Denai - Aes Sedai

2) RP's done by Ajah characters 

Total amount of posts: 0


3) Problems, ideas, etc
This Ajah currently has no Head.  Need us some new Reds and a new Red Head!
This Report was done By Kat to keep the members records updated and easily found.


It was good to see one red resurface and there could be some interest to have that character meet with an accepted - if my E&E are any good with their information gathering skills (which I believe they are).

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1) Total: 6 Members, 5 characters (that would be Active + Inactive]

New: 0 Members (0 Characters)


Active: 2 Members, 1 Characters


Leala Gymorraine - Leala Gymorraine OOC: September 2013 IC: April 2013


Nyanna al’Meara – Thanelle Kelgwar (NSW). OOC: September 2013 IC: January 2012.



Inactive: 1 Members (1 Characters)


poetstorm - Lissandra Trelaine. OOC: Feb 2013 IC:  September 2012

MiA: 3 Members (3 Characters)

Liitha - Sherrhiana Thymus (September 2010)

perine - Carelia Noradien (May 2010)

Taei - Tayva ni Ayvery t'Reyon (October 2010)

2) RP's done by Ajah characters 



3) Problems, ideas, etc

Both Ajah Heads were asked to respond if they wished to retain the position as they had been MiA for a while. Nyanna replied stating she had thought she already resigned. Poet did not reply at all. This ajah is now without a head and so joins the list of Vacant staff roles. Nyanna did not  have a White PC so I'm sure she should stay on as a member of the White Ajah. However I will have to look into the characters she does have and work through the details of this before actually removing her. 

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Brown Ajah


Total: 2 Members, 1 Character


New: 0

Active: 1 Member
WhiteWolf - Cara Ramsey OOC: September 2013 IC: April 2009



Inactive: 1


claireducky - Claire al'Windischan OOC: April 2013 IC: Feb 2013


MIA: 1

Chikara - Bennu Abravanel (not sure, but a long time ago)


LoA: 1


Mystica - Carina al'Tara (IC&OOC Feb. 2013)


RP's done by Ajah characters 





Do the ter'angreal research RP we'd previously gotten approved (Claire's RP).


Claire has been inactive for quite some time now. She was asked to reply within a month if she wished to retain her position as head. She did not reply, nor did she read the pm. The position of Brown Ajah Head is now Vacant.  

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September Report for Novices and Accepted



1) Total:


18 Members


18 characters 



1 Members


1 characters 



10 Members


10 characters


Elaevia - Saelia Triana (Novice) - Last Active August 2013

Hallia – Hallia Shessair (Novice) - Last Active August 2013

jozan - Liana Alore (Accepted) - Last Active September 2013

Kenny - Venca Konora (Returning Novice) - Not yet active

Leala Gymorraine – Aureli Yenda (Accepted) - Last Active August 2013

Maurelle - Erlene Hortencia (Novice) - Last Active July 2013

Saphira Silvermoon - Nateera Raychon (Novice) - Not yet active

Tonnalea - Ariani Cairawyn (Novice) - Last Active August 2013

WolfbrotherKronos – Kira Tuvunenia (Accepted) - Last Active September 2013

Yahna - Venka Barashti (Novice) - Not yet active





5 Members


5 characters


Kastyana Amharadar (Novice) - (Silver Neccho) - Last RPed January 2013

Nyanna al’Meara – Nyanna al’Dynn (Novice) - Last Active March 2013

Panchi - Pankhuri Xena (Novice) - Last Active April 2013

Taymist - Kiyisalle Chevra (Accepted) - Last Active May 2013

The Bard Babe – Ceridwyn Taereth (Novice) - Last Active May 2013




3 Members


3 characters


Duriya Olandrian (Novice) - (Tamerya) - Last RPed July 6, 2012

Kaylynn Tasil Saeed (Novice) - (Kaylynn) - Last RPed April 22, 2012

Sora Mantolias (Novice) - (Otpelk Cainam) - Last RPed July 30, 2011



2) RP's done by Novices and Accepted characters during August


1.  Kira Tuvunenia (WolfbrotherKronos), Ariani Cairawyn (tonnalea)

A Time for Reading (Attn: tonnalea)


Kira teaches a novice named Ariani to read.


2.  Alia Mariadoon (Kathleen), Kira Tuvunenia (WolfbrotherKronos), Aureli Yenda (Leala Gymorraine), Liana Alore (jozan)

Blue Ajah Class


Kira, Aureli, and Liana take a class together on what the Blue Ajah stands for.  


3.  Aureli Yenda (Leala Gymorraine), Kira Tuvunenia (WolfbrotherKronos)

Getting it Right


Kira and Aureli meet in Kira's room to practice the one hundred weaves.


4.  Ay'Lira Sonoran (Leala Gymorraine - in retro), Liana Alore (jozan)

Through Thick and Thin


Liana gets some shocking new from home and copes with her friend Ay'Lira.


5.  Hallia Shessair (Hallia), Kira Tuvunenia (WolfbrotherKronos)

Learning Self Control


Kira learns about her limits and how to handle them in the Tower.



3) Problems, ideas, etc




September was kind of a quiet month, but it usually is.  It's usually about the time where everyone starts to realize what the rest of the year is going to look like.  :P




I'm thinking about starting a thread for novices and Accepted to kind of relax around the MoN...but not completely, just enough so they see her as a person...as much as she'll allow herself to show anyway.


News OOC:  We have a returning novice!  Welcome back Kenny and his character Venca!  Although, Kenny has said that he'd like to have her go through all the ropes before he rps with her. 


News IC:  So, I know of two Accepted getting close to finishing their reqs...  :3

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