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If stormtroopers always miss and redshirts always die...


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swiped this from a neat page that lists and then analyzing TOS deaders:


"56 crew members can be confirmed to have died on the original Enterprise's five-year mission (or, to be precise, during the about three years shown in TOS). This gives us 0.7 casualties per episode, or roughly one casualty every three weeks. 26 of those 55 killed men or women were wearing a red shirt or an equivalent red engineering/security uniform. Considering that the shirt color of 15 deceased crew members remains unknown (because they were killed off screen or were not wearing a standard uniform), redshirts easily make up more than 50% of all casualties. The myth that redshirts are more likely killed than other colors can be confirmed. Some of the redshirts were engineers but most performed the duty of a security officer, which may be rated as intrinsically more dangerous and more likely lethal.


Looking at the subtotals we can notice that in season 1 only 4 crew members with red shirts were killed, 4 wearing blue shirts and as many as 7 with yellow shirts. Considering that a couple of the two latter groups effectively acted as security officers, especially in "The Man Trap", it is possible that the red color for this department was not yet set in stone at the time. Season 2 had by far the most redshirt deaths of the series, 16 altogether. 12 of those 16 were killed in just three episodes, "The Changeling", "The Apple" and "Obsession".


Only 4 women were killed under Kirk's command, as opposed to 39 men. This is significantly less than the ratio of female to male Enterprise crew members. Considering that in the 1960s women were obviously not deemed fit for a position in the security department with its high casualty rate, the low number of female deaths appears plausible though.


The clearly most common cause of death among Kirk's crew was an attack or sabotage by aliens (38 casualties). 12 crew members died in accidents, but if we take into account that as many as 9 perished when the ship crossed the Galactic Barrier in "Where No Man Has Gone Before", accidents were otherwise not that common at all. 6 of the crew died of diseases. Regarding the places in which crew members were killed, the Enterprise proved to be just as unsafe (29 casualties) as the surface of an unexplored planet (27)."


so... er... possibly, but at least one of those women was a blue shirt psychiatrist and to sum up... dunno. but the article's language in the bold suggests yes. maybe.

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my firsts and lasts were in college, we played love boat and trivial pursuit.

i don't remember much of college :)



Love boat and trivial pursuit? :D

for love boat we picked words and drank when they were spoken.


ship was a good one. gopher. like that.


for trivial pursuit we either drank... or something.. when we got an answer wrong, or right, or a wedge wrong or right depending how hammered we were aiming for.


children, do not try this at home.

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I hadn't expected this thread to still be alive lol.


Gonna try to be a bit more active yet again. At least you'll be able to see me in the Writers wagon as I've picked up writing again and am constantly trying everywhere to talk with other people about writing...

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