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Anyone seen this?


I watched it over the last couple of days with my sister-in-law and I have to say I fell shamelessly in love...


Now the issue is finding someone to talk to about it!


It's a mini-series, one of those things that are so bad they're fantastic, and despite the protagonist annoying the hell outta me, as per usual and despite her adorable good looks, I think I've fallen very deeply in love with a somewhat bipolar half-wolf romantic called (very creatively I must say) Wolf.


I'm sort of sad this isn't something I got to watch when I was younger. Given how much I like it now, I think I would have absolutely loved it when I was little. Especially given my rather ah...*cough* obsessive...personality, particularly when it comes to TV shows and the like...


Anyway, it's kind of a mix between Labyrinth and the Princess Bride with a whole heap of fairytales and John Laroquette thrown in for comic relief. If you're in the mood for a few hours of childish fun, go watch it!!


And more importantly, if you have already seen it, come talk to meeeeeeeeeeee!!

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Wolf is definitely adorable. And his psychotic full moon stuff feels too intense for a kid's show. XD


He he, I loved the deadly fever that only strikes on Saturdays thing, that was awesome.


And fake Wendell!! Naww, he just wants to be a doggy again!


Suck an elf and huff puff are some of my new favourite fake swears XD they're awesome

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