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What literary character are you quiz


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I was kinda hoping for casanova but happy with Romeo.


I did try it again now and changed from male to female (to see what would happen) and somehow got hermione



Badly lit rooms

Readily available friends
Easily spilled drinks
Where is this great place?
Interesting costumes and great jokes abound
Serious RA's try to keep us down
Sacred brew is not to be trifled with
All spills are to be mourned
Callous criminals will pay the price
Redarms ahoy they uphold the law
Eager recruits get tipsy when welcomed
Delve into this realm of madness


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I got Dirk Pitt....not sure I really agree with that. The description doesn't really match..

You are Dirk Pitt from the well-known Clive Cussler novels. Recently played by Matthew McConaughey in the blockbuster movie Sahara, you are bold, confident and witty. You love to face new challenges and discover new things.

Clive Cussler’s widely popular series are full of fast-paced action. Dirk Pitt has often been compared to Indiana Jones. The characters explore and preserve history, often along with successfully thwarting villains with plans of global domination and catastrophe.
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