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Black Tower RGL


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Hey everyone, so unfortunately Arath our Black Tower RGL has decided to step down, and we're now looking for a replacement :3


Any prospective candidates will be expected to have signed the Code of Conduct (it can be found at the top of this board) and also to have familiarised themselves with the responsibilities of an RP Group Leader as outlined in said Code.

You will have full responsibility for the day to day running of the RP Group, including but not limited to the following activities:

- appointing and monitoring of internal Staff
- welcoming and interacting with RP Group Members
- updating of all relevant Google Documents related to the RP Group
- attending PSW Staff meetings
- reporting regularly to the PSW Admins
- encouraging new role plays
- monitoring Bio submissions
- conflict resolution
- liaising with other RP Group Leaders and PSW Staff

An interest in and enthusiasm for the Black Tower is expected. It would be preferred that any applicants either have an existing BT character or intend to create one. Please include in your application how many hours per week you have available, what skills/abilities you have that are relevant to the position, what you believe you have to offer to the BT and any ideas you have for the RP Group.

Applications should be sent to me at winter@dragonmount.com and Tay at Tay@dragonmount.com by lets say October 12th. The closing date may be brought forward if sufficient applications are received. This will ensure that one or both of us see it and the process goes quickly and smoothly. 


Please direct any other enquiries about the position to either Tay or Winter.

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