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To Chuckles


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I really don't remember where I met Chuckles. The first place I remember hanging out with him would be the WT dorms. My memory isn’t all that great, and I’ve forgotten a lot, though I do remember his ridiculous avatar and my difficulty in coming up with an acceptable nickname for him. It wasn't till we started PMing though that I started to get to know him a bit better. It started off as me attempting to help him with his siggys, but turned into just chatting pretty quickly. I found I rather enjoyed his sense of humor and began looking forward to talking with him. Once I decided to trust him and got to know him a bit better, I saw a side of him I hadn't realize existed up till then. I was shocked at how much we have in common, like so much its uncanny. Most of the time when you’re talking to someone and they say “Oh I understand”, they really don’t, they’re just sympathizing with you or trying to appear helpful. But he is one of the few people I've met who actually get me, not to mention put up with my insanity for extended periods of time.


Chuckles is an amazing person and an amazing friend. He is someone who I know I can trust when my world starts crumbling around me, and those people are hard to find. There are many things I appreciate about him, especially his open mindedness and the fact that he accepts people for who they are. I don't feel the need to pretend to be anyone other than myself when talking to him. I can speak my mind freely without fear of saying something wrong or having him judge me for it. We can disagree on things without the argument getting too heated. Debating with him can be really frustrating though because he’s stubborn, almost as stubborn as me. I guess it balances out. I love that we can end up talking for just hours and hours on end, about anything and everything, whether discussing something serious or just joking around. He’s really a kind person too. I’ve seen him sacrifice a lot for the people he cares about and it’s something I admire about him.


There’s not much I dislike about Chuckles. I guess something that does bother me is that he’s terribly impatient. Not all the time, but when he is I just want to tie him up and stuff him in a closet somewhere for a bit. There’s no waiting, everything has to happen right then, even if there are consequences and he doesn’t always think things through before acting. However, there are times where it can be a good thing. He gets things done in a timely fashion and doesn’t waste time waiting around. Also, I can’t complain about it too much because if it wasn’t for his insistent nagging when I take too long to do things, I would get a heck of a lot less done. I’m the sort of person who likes to stick a ‘eventually’ on the end of most things I say I need or want to do, and with a memory like mine I usually forget about them after a bit. So yah.


Expressing myself is something I’m not very good at, and it bothers me that I can’t adequately explain how much this person means to me. He can make me smile when I feel like crying and doesn’t give up on me even when I feel like giving up on myself. I am truly lucky to know him and couldn’t ask for a better friend.
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