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Tracking our fitness goals


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First of all, you can create your own goal tracker ticker here: http://www.tickerfactory.com/ezticker/ticker_designer.php




Directions for your own fitness/goal ticker:


You have several different options after clicking on the link - our most popular will be the weight loss, but there are options for additional goal tickers as well. Basically, the ticker will record your progress as you update as though you are running a race and stretching for that finish line!


Once you have decided which goal you want to track (weight loss, fitness, BMI, etc.), you then get to choose a theme! There are tons of themes to choose from so make it your own! The theme is for both the background and the icon which will show your progress.


Now that you have your theme, you will enter in all of the relevant information! Remember the pin you choose as this is what you will need in order to update your ticker when it needs updating (which is hopefully often!). 


When it comes to the weight loss ticker, you will enter three main points of data: your goal weight (how much you want to weight), your starting weight (how much you weighed when you decided to start changing that), and your current weight (how much do you weigh right this second!). Please note that on this page you can only change the units being measured (pounds or kilograms [sorry those of you that use stones!]).


After you have entered the data, [will finish this part later, if you get to here, make sure you copy and paste the bbc code]


Lastly, once you have entered all data and chosen your theme, you get to post it here or anywhere you would like to post it!

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