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[Album Review] Illusion by Thomas Bergersen - Fantasy (RR Task)


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Two Steps from hell – Illusion.

Released 2011 (A Thomas Bergersen album)

Medieval/ Fantasy




  1. Aura  7:43        7
  2. Starvation  4:26        8
  3. Dreammaker  4:18         7
  4. Hurt  1:43          7
  5. Ocean Princess  2:52            9
  6. Gift of Life  3:22           8
  7. Rada  4:22         8
  8. A place in Heaven   4:15           8
  9. Merchant Prince  2:26            9
  10. Promise  4:58                9.5
  11. Femme Fatale  4:11        7
  12. Homecoming  2:56           8
  13. Immortal  4:07        9.5
  14. Remember me  4:29      8
  15. Sonera  5:36          8
  16. Reborn  3:53         7
  17. Age of Gods  2:30              8
  18. Illusions  8:01            7
  19. Soulseeker  3:15          8
    (Scores out of 10)



(Full Playlist here)





Thomas Bergersen is a Norwegian composer who is the co-founder to the music trailer production company Two Steps From Hell,  which makes trailer music that are not dictated by specific scenes in movies. Illusion is a fine example of the quality works produced by those who work at Two Steps from Hell, and goes to show the potential in the Trailer music industry, of which Thomas Bergersen is one of the frontline pioneers.


The Album itself goes through a wide range of themes and topics; some being gentle and soothing, whilst others are intense and full of emotion. Illusion does not need words to describe the journey it’s taking its listeners to. From the lulling waves of the Gift of Life, with its serenity and peace, to the front ranks of the cavalry charge in the song Immortal, listeners would lose themselves in the magical kingdom imbedded in the song’s verses.


If I had to pick a fault about the album, I’d say it does not contain a ‘cohesive’ story like it somehow should feel. But I guess the nature of the album’s creation somewhat restricts its ability to maintain the type of ‘musical epic’ which it does have the potential of creating. Instead, you get 19 song tracks spanning the length of a fantasy medieval Europe, which completely captures the mood of the fantasy genre.


I’ve often found listening to Two Steps From Hell works help with my ability to write creatively, as what is truly unique about their music, is its ability to both overwhelm and encapsulate the listener, making them feel not just like an observer – but a participant to the epic fantasy. I give the Album overall a score of 9/10. I would definately recommend buying the album, if only to support these guys to continue making such excellent quality music.


-Review By Sherper.

Edited by Sherper
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