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Disorder in Court: Trial of the Admin formerly known as Kathana


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This is case number 2, in the matter of The Admin Formerly Known as Kathana.


Jennifer Sedai, you are hereby charged with, on or about 1998, being responsible for the creation of the White Tower (and Warders) on Dragonmount. Also of changing your name and confusing people. Probably to avoid prosecution. Hah!


Since it's unbecoming of an Aes Sedai to plead, we're just going to go ahead and assume you're guilty as charged. To avoid nasty accusations of silly things like "mock trial" and "illegal legal matters" and such, we'll call witnesses to prove it. You can't call any witnesses (unless you bribe the court).


Court is now in dissension!



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Back in the olden days, I actually did get sent to the Farm. It wasn't technically by Kathana, at least she wasn't the one to make the announcement, but I have no doubt she ordered it secretly where nobody could see - subliminally?


I'm still traumatised to this day!


There's also the fact that I've met Jenn a couple of times. I think that statement says more than enough, really :)

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Back in the days Jenn made me yellow head with all these promises of grandeur and fortune. And then she made me write 100000000 monthly reports... EVERY MONTH... could you believe that?! And every time I complained she'd throw a cookie at me. AND I WOULD EAT IT! Because no cookie should go to waste. But yeah, she was a meanie head to all us Ajah heads, ordering us around. And every month she'd switch to a different pillow friend and make us all feel dirty and used.


Also a couple of years later she fessed up that when she appointed me I was just a temporary solution and she didn't think I'd last more than a month! ha! HA I SAY!










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