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    • There is no doubt, Moraine sees the whole world as her people, not for them to serve her, but for her to serve them, a true Aes Sedai.  That said, I see no need to paper over her secrecy, need to know attitude, threats to the boys and girls. She developed into a wise person before jumping into the Elfin world with both feet. Her development is interesting, but the story isn’t about her. I would say Nynaeve is the glue over the whole arc of the story.
    • Lily, sending positive thoughts!!    DJ and Lady!!! You are back!!   Hi, Cross!
    • Hi!!!!   I’m glad everyone is back!!!
    • I thoroughly agree with Artemia1. Moraine is the female character I most admire in all of English language fiction. She is mature, wise, just, graceful, beautiful, petite, well dressed and everything most fictional characters want to be, and never using her beauty for leverage and never self ambitious. There are too many sexualised female characters in some media forms particularly film. I believe her treatment of Lan is chaste and respectful and regard for his life continuing after hers and having a future with Nynaeve shows maturity and caring. Moraine runs away from a throne to devote her life to seeking and guiding the Dragon Reborn, which looking back at the last 6-7 thousand years of human history shows a rare quality.
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