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Soft Kitteh, Black Kitteh (promo thread)

Moon Sedai

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*Smiles softly*

*walks towards kitteh*

I am a wolfie, I can smell emotions hundred of meters away and methinks you're a little blue.

I was wondering if we can talk about it, I am no professional but I have ready pointy ears to listen..

But before that, how about some comfort food?



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Well, I have a wriggly one for you later but first here's your drink.

Godiva mouse extract with glutathione and vitamin C to make your skin soft and smooth.



I am not trying to fatten you up or anything but sometimes when someone is blue, the only thing that will make that someone happy is by food.  It's not really self destructive if controlled.  That's why I am here to look after you while you're depressed.  


I would like to hug you but I am not sure how you will take it, I assure you though that my entire well being wants you to be happy *looks deep into her eyes*

You like the meal at least?  It's a simple salve to a broken spirit.

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you're feeding me antioxidants and a drink without alcohol... ok fine I'm old and I don't need any more alcohol.


and making eye contact which would be better avoided but not hugging which is good...


and the sucking up is magnificent...


the soup was somewhat revitalizing.


still depressed but... continue.

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Noooo you're not at all old.  Both your person and your spirit are young.  They're just battered with sadness at the moment.

I remember when I was in uni and I was so homesick, I would just walk around find a friend and enjoy the nature this world offers us. Made me fool good for sometime until I face what's depressing me.

So what do you think?  You want to go outside for a walk?  We can talk about it or just, you know walk and talk about anything.  Don't be sad, I'm here.  I wont leave you.

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