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A Little Help With a Fun Project


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I want to come up with a system for generating character abilities at random that can be used both here and the DR:RP section.




The way this would work is when someone creates a new character they find someone to roll a bunch of dice for them. Each roll is determining what abilities they have / how strongly they have them. Once the rolls are done the person who rolled them keeps them secret, only letting they person know they have them where relevant.


For instance they might start makings strange things happen around you when you are in need if you can channel, tell you that you can sense scents and images coming from a wolf, or you see pictures floating over someone's head.


In the end I know everyone will play the character they want to play so this is just for people who want random unknowns when it comes to their abilities / their characters abilities.


Rough Draft


(These values can be adjusted as desired. The values here reflects a standard player character. Player characters are assumed to have more exceptional abilities than just anyone in the WoT world.)


Known on Creation:

Bloodline: Roll d100. 1-5 = Two Rivers. 6-15 = Aiel. 16-25 = Seanchan. 26-30= Malkieri. 31-100 = Anything else.

Upbringing: Roll d100. 1-30 = Noble. 31-40 = Orphaned. 41-42 = Feral childhood. 99-100 = Raised in blight. 98 = Wetland upbringing for Aiel / Waste upbringing for Non-Aiel and Non-Seanchan.

Owns a power wrought object: 20 on a d20.


Discovered as You Go:


Can Channel: 10 on a d10.

Can Learn / Will Manifest: 1 and 2 on a d2

Channeling Strength: Total of 5 d10s determines the strength you can reach. 10 being Morgase and 50 being Rand

Foretelling: 10 on a d10

Angreal Reading: 20 on d20

Special Talent with a Weave Type: 100 on a d100 for any weave. Please roll for.



-Ter-Angreal / Angreal creation.

-Weather alteration (2 on d2 if Seafolk)

Strongest Powers: Roll a d12.

-Males: 1-3 fire, 4-6 earth, 7-8 water, 9-10 air, and 11-12 spirit.

-Female: 1-3 water, 4-6 air, 7-8 fire, 9-10 earth, and 11-12 spirit.

Roll again to determine 2nd strongest. Each time you roll your original before a secondary you become stronger in it.


Dreamer: 10 on a d10 (3 on d3 if Aiel)

Wolkin: 10 on a d10. (If dreamer is also rolled that means control in the wolf-dream comes unusually easy to you.)

Thief Catcher: 10 on a d10.

Doomseer: 15 on a d15.

Ta'veren: 100 on a d100

-Roll 5 d 10s to determine strength with 10 being barely noticeable and 50 being Rand.


How to Help


"That's too low of a chance."

"That's too high of a chance."

"That violates RP rules."

"I would add..."

"I would get rid of..."

"I love this idea / want to use it for a character / do someone's roll."

"I hate this idea and you should be tossed into the Pit of Doom."

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This really wouldn't have anything to do with the social side here, I'm afraid :smile: we don't have characters here... My handle is Fnorrll and my rank within the group is Sword Captain of the Warders Guild, but other than that you'll find my name is Ryan, I'm from London, United Kingdom, I'm not a wolfing or a ta'veren and I can't channel- cos I live on Earth, not in Randland :tongue:


I'm not trying to be mean... Just none of those things fit here. That said, it looks like an interesting premise that you could pitch over at the RP side. I have no idea how they will feel about it tho, so you would have to wait and see! :smile:

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