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Hey Xthrax


Welcome to your class. I am Luciena an Accepted here at the White Tower. I am fairly new myself, only joined in May. I live in London United Kingdom. Working/studying and everything else in between (mainly DM) :laugh:  usually keep me pretty occupied...


I finished reading the WoT Series in May, but joined DM before I finished them. I kept coming here to check for spoilers. Then I saw how much fun everyone seemed to be having so I joined!


Tell us a bit about yourself. How you came to join? What finally made up your mind to come and join our online community? 









2) You can't just say hello then disappear. Try to get to know everyone! Actively ask questions! This is a conversation. not a one and done. Get to know all the Ajahs and the Warders. Everyone is welcoming and wonderful, so just try!


3 )Not too much spam please. Relevant conversation is acceptable however.


4)Do all your homework, or else you won't get credit. The homework is easy AND informative!


5) HAVE FUN! Get to know everyone and make friends.


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Hey Luci! I'm Xthrax. About myself? Well I'm a student in my final year of high school, off to college next year. I love to read, its mostly the only thing I do when I have free time. Some of my favourite series are LoTR, WoT, Bartimeaus trilogy, HP and a few others. I started WoT around last year Feb. I found DM later on but always lurked around. After I finished I wanted to join a community of people who loved WoT like myself.


Otherwise the time I have, I spend with friends or watching shows such as Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock etc. Those 3 are my favourites. 


Well I guess thats it. You can call also call me X or Xthrax. It's name I made up for myself when I was a kid, when I used to pretend to be a Sith lord named Darth Xthrax(Big fan of Star wars.)

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You're in the right place then! We are a varied bunch and the handle is really cool!  :biggrin:


I will post the first part of your class now. Make sure you do your homework otherwise no graduation for you! hehe

Part One: The White Tower


1)What are members of the WT/Warders expected to do?


2)How are members of the WT/Warders expected to behave?


3)What is the Code of Conduct, and how does it apply to you?


4)What in the heck does PG13 mean?


5)What is Thread-Hijacking and Spam, and what is the general policy of the WT/Warders regarding that?


6) What are the requirements and where can they be found?


7) What are events?


8) How can you become involved in an event?

Good luck!

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Part One: The White Tower


1)What are members of the WT/Warders expected to do?


To enjoy our time here as members of WT/Warders, be sociable and particpate in discussions and events at the same time keeping to general demenaour


2)How are members of the WT/Warders expected to behave?


Members of the Wt/Warders are expected to respect the general interests, opinions of all members of DM. We are supposed to respect anyone of higher ranking. Also follow rules for different areas and boards of the tower. Keep role playing to a minimum. Initates, novices and warders can’t channel whilst accepted can only do so under Aes Sedai supervision.


3)What is the Code of Conduct, and how does it apply to you?


Code of Conduct ("CoC") is meant to supplement, not replace, general DM rules, for a situation needing a moderator to review. Its a basic set of rules that cover everything-basic etiquette and general demeneauor that we should keep to when interacting with other in DM. Its basically rules listing everything that you dont want coming at you-no bullying, no attacks, no swearing etc. 


4)What in the heck does PG13 


PG13 is basically a movie rating. Here at DM it basically means a ban on posts going to areas like cursing, violence, nudity etc, basically things you wouldn't want your kids viewing or knowing about at a young age.


5)What is Thread-Hijacking and Spam, and what is the general policy of the WT/Warders regarding that?


Spam most commonly means a large number of posts in a thread or board where such posts are not wanted or are completely off topic.

Thread-Hijacking is where 2 or more people take over a thread and make posts completely veering off-topic.

The general policy is don't do it. Respect the thread creator's wishes and direction.


6) What are the requirements and where can they be found?


The thread 'Important Annoncments for all Aspies' is where the info can be founed. Its pinned in the Dormitories. The requirments are-


Initiates must take the class as they always have. Perspective teachers will be interested to know that the class has been tweaked slightly. Please go here for more details. 

Algai/Novices must gain a total of 25 points and participate in the events of at least five different Ajahs/Discs

Accepted/Manshima must gain an additional 30 points and participate in the events of at least seven different Ajahs/Discs (this must include the five that were not covered as a/n Novice/Algai)

After this is completed, it is time to petition an Ajah or Disc, and then lead an activity or discussion for said Ajah/Disc.


7) What are events?


An Event is a theme based week such as the Yellow Back to school event week and the Green Animal Appreciation week where the Ajah conduct thread of games and discussions for member of the WT to participate.


8) How can you become involved in an event?


You can be involved by signing up in the event thread and signing up in games and activities and joining the discussions. You can also volunteer to run the threads and organise the event.

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Well done! 


*is well chuffed with my new student*




Here is the rest of your homework.


Part Two: The Subgroups


1) Go to each Ajah and the Guild. Find out who is in charge of the board, what the general focus of the group is, and how they like to be interacted with. Is there a Lounge-type thread for more spammy conversation? Is it a group that likes more structure?


2) Post at least two relevant posts in each of the Ajahs and the Guild, or start a thread that matches the group’s interests. Link each of your responses here (hint: you can link directly to your response by clicking on the post number on the right hand side above your post and then copying and pasting the url)


3) Post and introduce yourself in the on-going field trip thread, it is a good way to feel more comfortable there and have an easy interaction with the members. Please post a link here. 

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Part Two


I got the first part done.


Blue Ajah
The leader at the blue ajah is Daruya Sedai. They have threads discussing all aspects of Sci-fi/Fantasy literature, as well as some discussions on politics, reality, and pets. They do have broad range of topics but avoid anything very controversial.They've both serious discussions as well as casual, spammy ones like the Cocktail Bar and Pool.Excluding people or hijacking threads is not looked favorably upon.
Brown Ajah
The leader of the brown is Basel Gill.They mostly focus on subjects such as travel, language and also books. Reading and talking about the books is quite frequents on the brown boards. They do like you to mind your grammer and spelling. There are usually very serious threads and if it is chatty and spammy it will be marked as such. Thread hijacking and exclusion of people is heavily frowned upon.
Grey Ajah
The leader is Mirshann Uuranor. The greys are a very laid back group. They enjoy talking about their latest activities, cooking, gardening, crafting, or even just gaming. They have a very relaxed atmosphere and home. They support hobbies, collections as well as volunteer work. They do have casual, spam threads(their tea and crumpets thread) but encourage keeping it in the right places. 
Green Ajah
The leader is Brandie. They are a close-knit, family themed group. They consider themselves the battle ajah and help each other at overcoming life battles such as health issues, overcoming disabilities, serious trauma, or similar. They are quite cheery and have a strong sense of belonging. They like people to keep spamming to a minimum and exclusion or thread hijacking is frowned upon. They have their Emerald Lounge.
Red Ajah
The leader is Mystica. They are people who strong, independent, passionate but also playful. They speak for what they feel is right but respect others freedom of speech and opinion. They have serios discussion/debate threads but also casual threads where you are expected to follow the general topic. They do have spam threads where you don't have to worry to go off topic. They have their Phoenix Lounge.
White Ajah
The leader is Charis al'Aslan. They engage themselves in search of knnowledge through study, discussion and interaction with people using a rational mind and steady focus. They have discussions that are serious, and possibly controversial. They are not fans os spam but do have an informal thread-the snow leopard lounge.
Yellow Ajah
The leader is Tigara. They are a fun-loving, close knit group into friendship and support. They have a general interest in healing from stress and problems through laughter. They like to mmaintain a warm, fun filled environment. They don't mind spam but draw a line at too much. They have a Sunrise Lounge.
The Warders
The leader is Fnorrll. Warders here are people who live to serve and protect the White Tower, their Aes Sedai and its inhabitants. They help participating in Ajah activities, helping new initiates get around, helping the AS and Mother. They have 3 Discs similar to the Ajah system. They are Me'Arearth, Ren'Shai and the Cuen'deren. They basically strive to stop inactivity on all boards here in WT, helping out all Ajah's. They do enjoy spam and have the Moat, The Blade's End Tavern is the other casual thread.
Edited by Xthrax
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Part Three: Keeping Up

1) How do you keep track of the threads that you've posted in?


2) When you join a new thread, or go back to a thread, do you read from where you left off or from the beginning (if you haven't read it before), or do you jump right into the conversation?


3) As far as activity, do you stay in any certain place on the boards? Do you post in a variety of threads or just a few select ones? If you're really active, do you have any trouble keeping track of everywhere you've posted?


4) Do you have any questions?


5) Do you have any suggestions on how to tweak this class in the future?

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Part 3:Keeping Up


1) Well I have a pretty good memory of where all I have posted. Besides I constantly frequent common areas where I post, so I just look for the star and know if I have posted. If need be I know how to look up in my content to keep track.


2) I mostly read from where I left off or if its a new thread, right from the beginning. Most discussions or even kinda casual threads I like to read to get a feel on whats the current subject about 'cause it would be rude just to jump right in. If its an introductory thread or something like intro yourself, I read a few pages back, get an idea on whats going and then join in.


3) I don't mostly focus on specific boards. The places where I have posted so far are mostly, the intros, AMoL and pre AMoL board and here at WT. I really don't have specifics on what kind of thread to post in. If the its something I know about, like to talk or if it piques my interest I join in. If its something I don't have a lot of idea about, I just read through on whats being talked about and then maybe post. I'm not really one of those super-active people, but my memory, the star and my content helps keep track.


4) Well not currently no, but I know where to ask if need be :)


5) I don't have any suggestions. This class was great as it is. I really liked the one-one format compared to what I have seen for the previous one. It really helped as things moved at comfortable pace. Only thing was I wish I could have responded faster if not for the family trip I had to undertake. Anyway, thanks Luci!

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You're welcome Xthrax! Thank you for being a lovely student! And yes it all seems in order for me. 


A suggestion  at the beginning of each thread is usually a button where it suggests to follow the topic so you can be notified of a new post :)


Congrats you've officially graduated! (well until Mistress blank approves that is)

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Hey Xthrax....just one tiiiiiiny thing and then I'll get you sorted for graduation.


The Head of Yellow Ajah changed last month. Get me the name of the new one and link me to the announcement thread and you will have officially passed  :biggrin:

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