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WhimsicalBlueFish's WT/DM Class!!!

The Bard Babe

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Hiya WhimsicalBlueFish!


Hmm, we'll have to come up with a good nickname for you...do you have something you prefer, or should I start formulating ideas? ...Fishy is at the top of the list right now   :)


Anyway, I'm BB, I'll be teaching you the ins and outs of the White Tower!


First things first however, let's get to know each other better!


I'm an Aussie irl, and my two buzz words are music and words! I play the cello and sing, and I do a lot of writing in my spare time, when I have any XD  I am a vegetarian, I strongly support gay rights, equality and the downfall of elitism, but also freedom of opinion, so I'll chat or debate about anything!


This is my second year on DM and I read WoT...well, last year, but, I started reading it a few years earlier, stopped after the fifth book and then promptly forgot everything that happened and re-read from the beginning when I picked it up again last year :)


Ok, your turn!!! Tell me about yourself! *pulls up a stool and settles down to listen*


Aaaaaaaand of course, some rules. There are always rules   ;p




2) No just popping in and then vanishing! Try and get to know everyone! Actively ask questions! This is a conversation, not a one and

done. Get to know all the Ajahs and the Warders. Everyone is welcoming and wonderful, so just try!


3) As much fun as spam is, not too much of it please. If it's not spammy, feel free to talk! I certainly will be :p


4) Do all your homework, or else you won't get credit. The homework is easy AND informative!


5) Aaand the most important one of all...HAVE FUN! Get to know everyone and make friends! It's the best part of this site!

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Hello, BB! :D 


You can call me whatever you'd like, though I am use to being called Whim or Whimmy, but Fishy is just as acceptable! 


Oh I can tell we have a lot of things in common! I also love to sing, and I've always wanted to play the cello. I love the sound of it and how very versatile it can be. I play the alto saxophone, and I use to be in marching band for my high school. It was such a fun experience. I also love to write, and I'm also a huge gamer. I'll play basically anything. I also love to read! Which is pretty evident in the fact that I've joined this site. I haven't read a lot of WoT (still on book one, and classes aren't helping), but I'm so fascinated in the world and atmosphere of the book already. Like you, I'm a supporter of equality for everyone everywhere. No one should be treated or considered as less of a person because of their lifestyle choices. *high five*


I also want to know a bit more about you, too, since you're going to be my teacher and all! What type of music do you enjoy? What artists/bands do you listen to? What Ajah do you wish to join? 


Can't wait to get this all started! 

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Then Fishy it is! You shall henceforth be Fishy to me. *nodnod*   :)


Yay for equality!!  *high fives*  :p


Oooh! Alto sax!! That's awesome! I love the saxophone, it's soooo cool. What do you like to write? And what's your favourite series apart from WoT? Recommend me a new series? I just finished Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and have been working my way through the Sherlock Holmes short stories or a while now, at the same time as the Jasper Fforde Thursday Next series which I just picked up again. I also just bought a heap of Shakespeare because I found a store that had a store-wide $3 sale, so that was exciting!


I'm a moderate gamer. I play some RPGs on occasion and that's about it. Nothing compared to my brother. XD


Ok, well, I like just about all music, but obviously there's a big part of my heart reserved for classical music. I'm a sucker for romantic period music, favourite composers are probably Shostakovich, Schumann, and I'm just gonna cut my list off there before I start throwing in Tchaik and Dvorak and Elgar and Sibelius and Bloch and... Also!! Film composers! I wanna spend some time playing film soundtracks, so I'm into them XD James Horner is a current favourite.


In terms of more contemporary music, I'm a big Cat Empire, Whitlams and Missy Higgins fan, and I love Sigur Ros/Jonsi, and Passenger, and City adn Colour, and the Beatles!!


I love rather a lot of music... XD


I'm still trying to decide on the Ajah I want to join. It's a hard choice, believe me    :)


Ok, sorry about the delay, I'm in my last bunch of exams for the year. One more week and I'm pretty much done for the whoooooooole year!!


So, for your enjoyment Fishy, here is your first bit of work!


Part One: The White Tower

1)What are members of the WT/Warders expected to do?

2)How are members of the WT/Warders expected to behave?

3)What is the Code of Conduct, and how does it apply to you?

4)What in the heck does PG13 mean?

5)What is Thread-Hijacking and Spam, and what is the general policy of the WT/Warders regarding that?

6) What are the requirements and where can they be found?

7) What are events?

8) How can you become involved in an event?


Go forth and find answers, then come and post your answers here. I'll check your answers and post the next part! If you can't find anything or have any questions, feel free to come and ask me! That's what I'm here for   :)

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