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Regimental Competition - September 2013


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Welcome to the September 2013 Regimental Competition!


To determine the Matrim Award for Best Regiment, the Band has traditionally used Regimental Competitions. Now, we are happy to officially restart this Band tradition!


Regimental Competition Rules:

This is going to be a "Where is the World" Scavenger Hunt using Photographs.

  • This will be only real locations.
  • There will be a photo and then written clues if no one can answer the clue with just a photo. One clue will be posted every 2 days until a week ends.
  • If no one answers the clue by the end of the week, a very easy written clue will be given.
  • This competition will be weekly. Even if all of the regiments have answered, the next photo clue will not be posted until 1 week from the previous one..
  • Answers must be PM'd to all Sr. Staff (Jea, Brid and Horn)
  • The timestamp on the PM will determine who answered first. Even if you sent your PM first, if the answer is incorrect, we will move to the next answer.
  • You will be notified if your answer is right or wrong.
  • One guess per person per day.
  • Points will be assigned as follows:
  • 3 points to the Regiment who answers correctly first
  • 2 points to the Regiment who answers correctly second
  • 1 point to the Regiment who answers correctly third
  • 0 points if you don't submit an answer
The points earned from the Regimental Competitions will go to determine the Best Regiment Matrim.


During this month's competition, we do not require a "spokesperson" from each Regiment; anyone may submit an answer. However, discussions about the clues are highly encouraged in your Regiment's private boards.




Archers - 8

Cavalry - 6

Infantry - 10

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