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Welcome to the band Sherper!


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Welcome to the Band! Looks like Brid already sent a request to the site admins to get you added to our user-group. Once that is processed in the next few days, you'll be able to see some of our private boards, and we can start your recruit training! In the meantime, feel free to look around and mingle anywhere, and get to know the people here! 

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Welcome to the Band Sherper! (Sherper, Sherper)


*wonders if she can hear an echo in the room as Sherper bounces off the walls*


I'm BFG off the noble and honorable Archers Regiment *bows gracefully*


Please take some flaming shots, put your feet up and relax :)

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Welcome to the Band Sherper!! I hope you enjoy your time here with us! *claps his palmbuttons together and waits for the two barrels of bandy to land next to Sherper*  Never too early to get the party started!!   Oh, I'm DJ, the RedArm leader of the Band, meaning I'm in charge of keeping order...or lack there of (if I choose... lol).

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*hops up to sit at the edge of one of the new barrels around Sherper to inspect the newcomer*






Oh! Welcome :biggrin:


I'm Andrej, or simply just AJ. As my Banded sister has already mentioned, relax and have yourself a few Flaming Shots. And after you acquire the taste for them (it's inevitable :wink:) come visit us at the Range for more!

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*joins the ball*


Hey there Sherper! Welcome to the Band, I'm Matrim but everyone calls me Matty. I'm the CG of the mischievous Arches. *slides him an FS* Drink up and you'll feel right at home! :wink:


So what do you do? What are your interests and stuff?


Yes, you should definetly come visit the Range sometime, in the meantime: have fun with your training! :mat:




*slides another FS...*

Edited by Matrim Hat-rim
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*eyes the curious glass of spirit before downing it in one go. Spends next 5 minutes coughing and choking to death.*


What under the light do you put in these? It tastes like Death, Fire and... Death!

*takes a seat and fans mouth*


As I've previously said on other boards, name's Sherper. And G'Day to you too Dice, I'm from Australia too, Sydney in fact.
As for my hobbies, I enjoy reading and writing mostly, but I used to also enjoy the out doors a lot.


Currently studying my last year of high school, then next year I'll hopefully be heading off to ADFA (Australian Defense Force Academy) and graduate as an officer serving the Infantry.

I was told by BB to come here to get some tips on army life :biggrin:, but yeah that'll be fun.


Hope to see the rest of the band soon. And what is this training?

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Upon joining the Band, you enter as a Raw Recruit to graduate from which you must undergo a series of arduous and demanding trials*


And the Bard was right, there are a number of people who have served in the military, I'm not one of them :)


(and I wouldn't recommend you try a FED any time soon, but no worries we can work up to the good stuff :) )



*entirely at your own risk, the Band is not to be held accountable for any accidents, mishaps or bad luck which you may undergo while training.

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Well seeing as how the archers are trying to get you drunk off of their swill, I figured I'd give you a real drink.


*hands Sherper some Guiny*


I'm Horn's assistant so Ill be helping him out during your time as a raw recruit. I'm also the infantry CG so make sure you come and visit us!

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*shakes head at the spillage of brew*  At least the fire was harmless...but the spilling isn't.



For violating Band Law #1, Rashi, you must find the Jak o' the Shadows thread, read the instructions (in the first post), and write two verses of your very own! The topic of your JotS verses should be the sacredness of brew.  Also, please post a link to your JoTS verses here.

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Someone hold the door!!


*BB trudges through with one arm full of QCS papers and another full of Bandy*


Now then, I know precisely what to do with the Bandy, *gives the Bandy to Sherper with a wink* Get some of that in you, it's the best drink in the Band. From the cavalry, of course.      ;) 


But as for these exam papers...well, I'll have to think of something to do with them.



Welcome, welcome, welcome Sherp!!! Glad to see you made it over.  :)

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