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September Roll Call


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Hm, well autumn smells nice and has crunchy leaves, winter has snow and frosty dragon breath, everything is shiny and new in spring and is all so purty... but my favouritest is summer because sunshine makes me smile :) Although Engyland doesn't really get that warm so if I lived somewhere hotter would prolly be spring *nodnod*

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Phoenix really only has three seasons: spring (when everyone else is having winter), summer (when everyone else is having spring and fall), and hell.


Of those, I'd have to say spring, although really my most favorite time of the year is during the monsoon season in summer/hell. I love thunderstorms.

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I'm here!!!


You see, for each season I'm excited for it to come when it's time for it to come. I love them all. Fall has all of the colors and the crispness and wonderful smells and it's just great. Winter has the sparkling snow and hot chocolate nights. Spring has the new life coming back and the flowers. Summer has campfires and late nights and fun. 


I really don't have a favorite. Summer might be my least favorite because heat makes me cranky, but I really like them all

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