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The Band of The Red Hand Social Group - Who are We?

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Thanks to Matrim Hat-rim for designing the Band's Banner


Welcome to the Band of the Red Hand!
Led by Nikon, the Marshal-General (BotRHorg@dragonmount.com)



Welcome to the Band of the Red Hand! We are thrilled you're here and we of course want to go know you better, but that'll have to be over a cup of brew or two, or 50. Oh, and you better not spill any or you'll have some fines to pay! All in all, we're a fun loving bunch of folks that like to have random discussions on Mat and the Band from the books, travel to far off places (and relive our journeys over the campfire), listen to music (and disagree on what music is the best) and do some other things that we like to think we're really good at. And now....where did I put that secret stash of my Marshal-General Brew again.....?


Band of the Red Hand Social Group Leader





The information you will find in this thread :


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How to Join



New Members

If you would like to join the Band of the Red Hand Social Group, please enroll through the sign in thread. Upon signing in, you will become a Raw Recruit of the Band.

Rejoining the Band of the Red Hand

If you have resigned from the Band of your own accord, or have been removed from the Band's usergroup, you may rejoin the Band at any time. Simply sign into this thread, stating your desire to be re-instated. You will then be added to the Band's usergroup, along with your previous Regiment (see changing Regiments if you don't want to return to your old Regiment). Upon signing into your first activity roll call, the Under-Commander will add you to the Band's Official Roster. You will retain your old rank and points that you had before with no penalty.

We understand that if you have been gone awhile, things may have changed dramatically since you left the Band. As a result, you are allowed to enter the Recruit Program under the same conditions as someone switching regiments (see above section for details).

HOWEVER, if you sign up under a different alias than your original name, any points for your new alias are non-transferable. (If "Bob" has 50 points and resigns, but then comes back as "Tom," then any of Bob's points cannot be transferred to Tom, or vice versa.) Awards and Medals, however, can be transferred, just not the points that come with them.

We also ask that if you do sign up under an alias, that you inform a member of the Senior Staff. If you do not, we will likely find out anyway thanks to your IP address, so you might as well let us know right off.

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Staff Members




Below is the current leadership set up of the Band of the Red Hand Social Group, which shows the Senior Staff (those that run the Social Group) and the Regimental Leaders, who run the Band's three Regiments.

Social Group Staff

The Senior Staff of the Band of the Red Hand

  • Nikon (Marshal-General = Social Group Leader)
  • Hrafnhildr (Under-Commander = 2iC of BotRH)
  • Cairos (Executive Officer = 3iC of BotRH)

Regimental Leaders

  • Lessa (Captain-General of the Archers)
  • N/A (Lieutenant-General of the Archers)
  • BB (Captain-General of the Cavalry
  • N/A (Lieutenant General of the Cavalry)
  • None at the moment (Captain-General of the Infantry) - for any question PM Hrafnhildr
  • N/A (Lieutenant General of the Infantry)

Other Important Positions in the Band of the Red Hand

  • Dicetosser1 (Redarm Leader)
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What is the Band about?



The Band is a great place to make new friends and to have some fun at the same time. Before we became a full Social Group, it was decided that the main themes of the Band at the Community Side of DM should be kept as close as possible to the Band in the books. Therefore, we are known as the Music Social Group of DM, with sides of Traveling, Eating Out and playing Dice Games.

So, as the Traveling, Music and Eating Out Social Group of DM, what do we do? Well, Band members are always encouraged to write reviews of places they have visited, music albums they have enjoyed, gigs they have gone to and restaurants they have been to, ranging from the famous to the unknown. They mention the different activities they have done while traveling to places nearby or far away, what they liked about the music, what the food and ambiance was like and much, much more! Then the rest of the Band can ask questions about the review, finding out more details.

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Rank Structure




If you have shown interest in joining the Band by enrolling through the sign in thread, you become a Raw Recruit.

Then, it is onwards and upwards from the rank of Private as you work your way up through the Band. Below is the rank structure used by the Band of the Red Hand, which is based as much as possible on the books:



  • Recruit
  • Private
  • Private First Class
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Master-Sergeant
  • Under-Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant
  • Senior-Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant-Captain
  • Captain
  • Banner-Captain
  • Banner-General


  • Lieutenant-General (Temporary Rank for Regimental Assistant Leaders)
  • Captain-General (Temporary Rank for Regimental Leaders)
  • Executive Officer (Third-in-Command, Senior Staff)
  • Under-Commander (Second-in-Command, Senior Staff)
  • Marshal-General (Social Group Leader, Senior Staff)

The ranks up to Master-Sergeant are Enlisted ranks. The ranks of Under-Lieutenant upwards are all Officer ranks. Members move up these ranks by gaining points (see next post). The Captain-Generals are appointed periodically by the Marshal-General, and can choose their Lieutenant-Generals to help assist in running their Regiments.

The positions of Executive Officer, Under-Commander and Marshal-General are permanent. The Executive Officer looks after all new Raw Recruits and the Recruit Program; the Under-Commander is second in command of the Social Group and is in charge of Banders' points, while the Marshal-General leads the Band as a Social Group. Details on contacting the senior members of the Band are shown above if you want to find out more about the Social Group and the Regiments.


Also, it is possible to be a Redarm for term. The Redarms are the Police Force of the Band of the Red Hand, just like the Redarms in the books. Redarms look out for any trouble in the Band when a Band Member breaks Band Law, and will come up with a punishment for them. Punishments include humiliation in the stocks or earning a Spot Fine of writing lines. If a Band Member breaks a serious part of Band Law, they can be tried in front of the Redarms and try and prove their innocence. Redarms are usually the older members of the Band, and are chosen by the Captain-Generals. At the moment, there is one Redarm chosen from each regiment. Being a Redarm is a great honor within the Band, and the job must be taken seriously.

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How to Earn Points



Now, moving on to how to earn points. There are several ways of earning points apart from writing reviews. Points can be gained by:


  • Posting in monthly roll call to show your activity
  • Posting Jak O' The Shadow verses in the following thread
  • Recruiting for the Band
  • Participating in various activities in the Band, like "Tune or No Tune", "Original vs. Cover", aso.

There are so many ways to earn points to get yourself promoted! The lower Enlisted ranks require fewer points for promotions, but more points are needed for the higher Enlisted ranks, thus showing your commitment! Promotions and points updates are given every month, so you will always know where you are!

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Our Activities



The Band of the Red Hand has a wide variety of activities relating to our music theme. Below is an outline to the major music activities.

What Are You Listening To - A simple thread that allows Banders and DMers to say what they are listening to.

The BotRH's Music Game - A very simple game, based along the lines of word association. All you need to do is post the name of a song or a band name, then the next person who posts has to use one of the words from the previous posts to put another band name or song name.


Original vs Cover - A thread where you can pick your favourite version between an original song and its cover.


Tune or no tune - A thread where you can tell us what you think about songs posted by your fellow banders.


And that is just a taste of the music activities in the Band. Plans to create regular food and travel threads are in the pipework.

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So you're contemplating on joining the regiment of mischief!? Fine choice! We are one of the oldest regiments in the band and we specialize in bows and daggers!
Our favorite drink is the flaming shot, it is our regimental drink and will set you on fire!!!

But prepare also for rounds of Flamethrowers, Cherry Bombs, Rum Runners, Car Bombs, Molotov Cocktails, and Frozen Shots!


Who are we?

The name says it all, we are archers and we aim to have a lot of fun! But there is more to the archers then just shooting, pranking and spamming! On the outside we are just normal archers but unknown to the rest of the band we also have a very mysterious side...

Upon choosing the archers you will start your very own journey to become either a Ranger or an Assassin! This journey is filled with exciting tasks and goes hand in hand with our very own mystery game! During your training you will experience both the fun of shooting arrows as well as throwing daggers. So in the end you can choose your very own specialisation!

So what will happen when I join the Archers?

You will start your journey as an Apprentice. To progress to the next step, you will need to complete a range of fun activities and tasks.

After completing the first step, you will become a Journeyman/woman. Progressing beyond this also involves tasks and activities including handling and using daggers and bows alike and finally making your choice of brotherhood!

~~~> As a Ranger of the Brotherhood of the Rose, it is your duty to represent the bow and arrow to raw recruits, apprentices and throughout the Band.

~~~> As a Assassin of the Brotherhood of the Lily, it is your duty to exemplify the use of daggers to raw recruits, apprentices and throughout the Band.

After gaining the title of Ranger/Assassin, you can officially choose and name your own weapon (Bow/dagger, depending on your brotherhood) and use it in the Archers own game!

Archers activities open to all:


Our training thread that includes the school of dagger and the school of bows.


Our bars : the Flaming Shot and the Burning Arrow.


Our Hang the Darkfriend thread !



Important things to know:

Recipe of the Flaming shot



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Of Knights and Warhorses…

Riders of the Storm! Knights and Ladies! Mighty Warhorses! The Orders of the Knights… Barbarian Sarmations, Chivalrous Arthurians and the Mad Scholar Templars! All of these are part of what makes the Cavalry of the Band special, fun and exciting!!! The other part is the wonderful members of our Regiment!

The Cav is a group of diversified people that have formed friendships and share a family feeling with each other! Our interactions are in the fun of spamming, be it the 100 Questions Threads or drinking bandy at the Point-Less Unicorn - Cav Bar & Inn! We also play in the Joust, a unique activity in the Band that doesn’t end with Raw Recruit Training but is an ongoing activity for all members of the Cavalry! It is one place that you can test your knowledge of  the WoT books!

Joining the Cavalry, a new member is immediately involved with the Page Program. This is nine days, three days spent with each of the Orders of the Knights. Each of the Orders are unique, reflecting different personalities. During this period of time, the Page spends time getting to know the members and participating in activities that involve them with the Order and the whole Cavalry! At the end of those nine days, the Page chooses an Order to aspire to and is paired with a Knight and becomes their Squire! These partners have turned into close friends and mentors, and often partners in mischief!!!

The Warhorses of the Rider’s of the Storm are the weapons of the Cavalry! Unique among all weapons of any warrior, the horse is a sentient being, alive, thinking, independent and interactive with their rider. Trained as a partner, trained to fight, to kill, to protect and in that process becoming a friend and companion. The Cavalry member receives their Warhorse when they are Knighted. This requires the rank of Under-Lieutenant, earned with 45 Social Group points, completion of the Page and Squire Program and recommendation of the Squire’s Knight. At this time the member may also add the title of Sir or Lady to their name.

Knighting is always a celebration for the Riders!! The ceremony is sometimes formal, always fun and the party…well it’s unlike any other!!!

The Cavalry offers fun and friendships, the opportunity to participate in leadership, activities and gain a home in the Band!

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The Band of the Red Hand’s Infantry Regiment has a long standing tradition of being laid back, relaxed and fun loving. This ideal has never changed and we still take pride in our fun attitude and ability to drink more brew than is humanly healthy! The infantry is the home of every member that chooses it.




♪ Every regiment in the band has games. Here at the infantry, our games vary. We have monthly games to keep a little activity, and then there is the Mini Games Archive - where we challenge you to play a game and beat the high score.

♪ The Infantry bar - The Sword and Shield - is always open for business. Any kind of business. It has been renovated a few times due to destruction, burning... which may or may not have been due to a brawl.
♪ The Infantry has regiment-specific swordfight training, named Sparring, in which those that have been trained may spar using invented Sword forms, and some role-playing.
Why join the Infantry?
♪ The Infantry has a program for new Infants, named the Morat-Mahdi system. During the course of the program, a young infant (Mahdi) obtains a mentor (Morat) to show them the ropes around the training grounds.

♪ Upon attaining the rank of Lieutenant, Infantry members may name their weapon of choice. This need not be a sword. You may fight with weapons ranging from Swords, through Ashandarei, to Staffs.

♪ Furthermore, upon attaining the rank of Lieutenant and after completing the M-M program, you may apply to become a Blademaster. This very special position shows a dedication to the Infantry, and completion thereof will grant you a Blademaster name, along with the well-known Heron mark.
Infantry up to now: Proud to be an Infant!
♪ Infantry members are known for their participation in and dedication to the Band at all levels. We are active within the Org Game, both as players and moderators, as well as in the Festivals held throughout the year. Infantry members have also held various key positions within the Band such as Executive Officer, Training Officer, Hornsounder Editor-In-Chief and ORG Game moderators. On top of all this, 2 of the first 3 people to reach the highest Band rank of Banner Captain were Infantry.
♪ The Infantry's highest honour is the Regimental Award, given to any Band member who contributes significantly to either the Infantry, the Band or both.
♪ Infantry members have also received some of the Band's highest honours from the Marshal-General's Cross of Distinction and the Manetheren Medal to Matrim Awards - not to mention the Regimental Awards from both the Cavalry and Archers.
The Infantry Regiment is truly the strong, beating heart of the Band of the Red Hand. We drink hard, fight harder and play hardest. Are you coming home?
Carai an Muad'Drin!!! Honour to the foot soldiers!!
Tai'Shar Infantry!!!
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Switching Regiments



If you feel that you must switch to a new Regiment, there are two approved procedures. Both start out the same: send F Horn of Valere a Personal Message explaining why you would like to switch, whether for personal reasons, or just wanting a new challenge, etc. If there is a personal problem, you may omit the specifics. From there, the options splits.

Option 1: Upon Nikon's approval, you may switch directly to your Regiment. Inform the UC and your new CG of the change, and then make a new thread announcing your switch. Also post in the Rank Icons thread.

Option 2: Upon Nikon's approval, you may enter the Raw Recruit Program. Go into the Recruits board and read the labelled threads for new recruits and follow their instructions. Also, start a thread in the Recruits board announcing your intent. You are also required to complete all tasks in order to graduate from the program. If you do not complete all tasks, your only option to switch regiments will be Option 1. Also, the Raw Recruit Stripe will only be awarded if you do not go on a LOA during your time as a recruit.

Also, upon the band member's request, the member switching regiments will not have to visit their prior regiment. The only penalty for this is the inability to earn the Raw Recruit Stripe.

For Both Options: After switching Regiments, you will not automatically get your Sword, Bow, or Horse, even if you have the required number of points. If you take Option 1, you must gain an additional 20 promotion points, while Option 2, because of the harder requirements to complete the option, requires 15 additional promotion points.

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Other Important Info




A few final things now! Below is some bullet points of other things we do as a Social Group!

  • We also have a Dice Game, designed and created by Canis Rufus and Mallett, and currently run by BFG. Many Band Members have taken the introductory lessons, and are now challenging their friends to duels in the Arena! Stats and weapons can be improved by visiting the shop to spend your Game Points (GP), but to earn GP, you need to earn points within the Social Group, as points for promotion are used to work out Game Points!
  • There is also the Regimental Competition, as we try and find out which regiment in the Band is actually the best, as each one claims they are!
  • Each year, we have our annual awards ceremony, The Matrims, where we celebrate the past year, and reward those who have put work and effort into making the Band of the Red Hand a better Social Group.
  • Here at DM, the Band encourages discussion threads on any music artist you want! Feel free to drop into one if it is an artist you like, or one that you don't to see if you may like their music. But if you don't see one you like, start your own and share your views with us!

A Drink suitable for Battle!
So, as you can see, a lot of things happen in the Band! But there is one thing missing - a drink! Every Band member enjoys their Battle Brew (or the many varieties that have been made since the original!), while either working or relaxing around the Campfire telling stories and jokes, or in one of our many bars! So join in the merriment, earn those points and get those promotions! Just work hard and have some fun in The Greatest Fighting Machine in Randland!! Or as Mat would say, "dovie'andi se tovya sagain".

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