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Approved BT bio for Jerid Kovar, CCed by the Band

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DM Handle: Jozan

Character Count: 1

Character Name: Jerid Kovar

Place of Birth: Tear

Age: 37

Eyes: light blue

Hair: short dark brown

Height: 5’4

Weight: 140 (thick built though)


Personality: If you get past the wall he puts up, you’ll meet the charming, intelligent, and witty prankster that he is. He loves singing to himself but will always stop when someone comes. Jerid thinks that his looks would only scare people off. Therefore he puts on his mask and a cool exterior. He has never walked up to a stranger and held a discussion going. Because of his wall people tend to leave him alone.


Physical Description: Jerid is short, well built, with thick beard and short dark brown hair. In a fire when he was just a baby he lost his family, and burned his half face severely. He wears a mask, hat, and coat, and also walks with a staff even though he doesn’t actually need one. He has a burn scar over his left side of the face. His skin tone is dark, but unlike most people from Tear he has light blue eyes. Jerid’s voice is actually quite smooth and many would enjoy listening to him. Some say he could easily be a glee-man if he wanted to.


History: Jerid and his family had lived in the outskirts of Tear in a small village. Most people in the village had moved in to the city or moved elsewhere. One day three young men had come to the village looking for Jerid’s father, and a small fight erupted when he didn’t want to sell his property to them. The fight ended with them putting the entire house on fire, and killing Jerid’s father and mother. But unbeknownst to them Jerid was inside the burning house. Luckily some people coming to visit the city of Tear saw the burning house, and heard the screaming of a baby crying inside.


For quite a few years he had to live on the street and pickpocket, steal food, and sometime work as a stable boy to get by. But when he turned eighteen Jerid decided he would learn to be a glee-man and move from city to city. Jerid learned to sing, play flute, joggle, and acrobatics. Even though he didn’t earn a lot of money he survived on his own that way.

He wandered aimlessly for years under the protection of his coat, hat, and mask. He only stops to sing at inns for money and a place to sleep, and eat warm food.


He came upon Tear on his vagrant journey one day, and decided to find a place to stay in for a while. He hadn’t been back since several years. Jerid noticed that the city hadn’t changed much since his last visit. He usually didn’t tell many stories, but for some reason this particular day he wanted to tell a story. One he had heard during his journey in Illian about two brothers loving the same woman, and in the end marrying her as well. To Jerid it made no sense and was probably a myth. In the audience he noticed two men clad in all black sitting together and the pin they both had told him they might be soldiers of some sort. They both oozed of confidence as they sat there eating and drinking.


Jerid envied them for a reason only he could understand. Jerid did not have any family, no goal, nor had he any one to call friend. He just plodded wearily through life and stopped only to earn some measly money so he could survive another harsh day. But there was one thing he wanted more than anything else, a place to call home and people to share it with.


He decided that he would follow these two black cloathed men at a distance, to at least get some company even if it was from a distance. After a while of traveling they came upon a place where people came and then disappeared. Jerid stared in awe at the scene in front of him, and didn’t know what to think. Suddenly the both men came up to him from behind, and surprised him. They told him that they had seen him earlier, and was curious about him. One of them asked Jerid if he had ever wondered if he could learn to channel. To the question Jerid just shook his head, but it did make Jerid curious if it was possible. After a moment he asked gestured his willingness to be tested. The test told them that Jerid could be taught to use the one power.


When they told that to Jerid, he nearly smiled within thinking about it. This was a fresh beginning for Jerid. A new place where he might find a way to fit in.

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