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Hi, new to this site and to Wheel of Time.  Started reading a couple of months ago, and am at TGS.  Naturally wanted to see what people thought of Brandon Sanderson, and found this set of forums.


Mat Cauthon made me stay, hence my handle.  

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Welcome!  Enjoy your stay here and feel free to ask questions of our members. If you aren't done with the series keep an eye out for spoilers which you may run into on the discussion boards but definitely check out our social groups. You can join as many social groups as you'd like so check them out and see which ones you fit in with the best then start off there.

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LOVE the name.


Great to have you.


Social groups are awesome.


Hope to see you about lovely  :happy:


Minimalist greetings are the best. 

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Hello! We are happy to have you here at DM. Fantastic name and Mat just gets better as the series goes on. If you need any help, just ask, ok? Go exploring and I'm sure you will find things that interest you.

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Hi and welcome!


I remember stumbling on the forum the first time and the hours I spent reading random threads! (come to think of it I still spend hours here, not much has changed then lol! )


There is a great social side here as well, why not take a peek? There are so many people from around the world and all sorts of backgrounds, that all have these books in common!


Now go back to the books! We will still be here when you get back, can't believe the restraint you are showing! :D

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