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1 down, 3 to go...

The Bard Babe

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*races in for a super speedy pick me up drink*


One performance of Gala done!!


Well, half a performance...it doesn't really count as a reeeeeeal performance, it's our practice performance that we do for the local feeder primary schools...


The first performance that people have paid for tickets for is tonight iiiiin...*checks watch* three and a half hours.


Well, I've gotta be there in three and a half hours. It doesn't start for another couple of hours after that...


Then it's tomorrow night, then it's one more night and then it's PARTY TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And then I can properly come back to DM   XD



So! *chugs a Bandy*

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Two down!! First night went really well, despite the audience being a but dead. They were still a pleasure to perform to, and I was just excited because my solos went much better than I was expecting, especially considering I had to get an emergency bow re-hair the day of the performance and used my spare for the primary school matinee thing we did. A bow with all its hairs works wonders for improving sound. XD

And my violinist mate absolutely aced her massive solo Storm. Well, Summer if you wanna go all official on the name XD


Now to do it all over again!!


Two to go. The big two!! The night they film and the big finale!! Woop woop!!!


*is still super high and bubbly*


*sincerely hopes the adrenaline doesn't run away before tonight*

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IT'S OOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My last ever Gala!!!!!!!!!!!! Kinda depressing, but aaaaaaaaaaaaawesomely exciting!!!!!!!


The performances were amazing, the last night was absolutely fantastic, all the nights were, despite the stressful light failure on the second night and the car crash outside on the Friday (the lights were fixed about two minutes before the performance and no-one was hurt in the crash)


(And the afterparty was amazing XD)

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