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I'm looking for designers or writers, maybe even a joker. Basically, if you have something you would like to air to our fellow BTers, then why not put forth your masterpieces to The Tainted Times. 


I'm not looking for War and Peace, but a little story (the crazier, etc the better), maybe you have some good jokes (please remember the PG 13 -  anything that doesn't meet that and is funny, I will be sure to pass round friends at work, we are always looking for a good laugh :wink) If you like to play with graphic design, then design something. 


Now, rather than just send anything to me, I thought a theme for the poems/stories and pictures (any jokes are always welcome). 


So for this September I thought Autumn/Fall. 


If you have anything you would like to see in The Tainted Times then let me know. Any questions, then ask. 


It's good to be back 



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oh fantastic...*points to MCS* that's how you do it, now get on with it, i'm sure you can come up with a few jokes... :p


Can't wait Pank.


Or and for info, it doesn't have to be something you created on the computer, it can be a picture of some creation. 

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