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Welcome to the Band Rashi!!


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Welcome to the Band love! I'm wicked excited you've joined. *g*


I don't think I have to introduce myself...=op


Horn, our Executive Officer (XO) is on LOLA through today, but will get you all situated as soon as he gets back. He's in charge of the Raw Recriuts. (that's you ;0) )


*does a little happy dance*. The rest of the crazies will be around to Welcome you.

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Hi rashi! I'm not a member of the band, but I'm still stalking you so I thought I'd let you know……I FINDED YOUS!!!!


*takes some drinks for the road and leaves rashi to her welcome mauling*

*puts an arm around kat*


Ya know you can always sign up as well! ;)

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*laughs* Hi Kat I know you love me. *ggls*


Thanks everyone!!! It's weird to start over if you will, but I will get used to it. Do I need to use any honorifics?

"Your Wonderful Lady Worshipfulness" works for me














...ha ha ha!  Nope, not at all, although you may decide to come up with some dishonorifics for some....=0p  we're really casual around here.


*grabs Kat*  No stay!  Visit!!  *hands copious amounts of brew*

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Welcome Rashi

I hope to see you on the Range

very soon.  Please have a flaming shot, or two...

(3) another reason not to spill brew is that it may set the wrong

example to impressionable raw recruits, who will then think that it's a good

idea and not the hideous crime that it really is, and for which I am duly shamed :(



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I go out for a decent LOA/LOLA and everyone decides to party without me. :/


Welcome to the Band! Seems like pretty much everyone but me knows you already, so I'll just assume that you are awesome and let first impressions wait on someone else.


I'm Horn, the XO-- which means I'm the slave master in charge of handling your Recruit Training while we introduce you to the Band and the Regiments-- the Archers, Infantry, and Cavalry. I'm in a bit of a LOLA at the moment (moved yesterday, so entirely dependent on how smoothly it is set up tomorrow), but by the time the DM admins add you to our usergroup, I should be back 100% and ready to start your training!

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Oooooooo, never thought I'd be welcoming an "oldie" ;P to an SG!!! Woohooooo Rashi, welcome to the Band!!! *capers* :DD

Becareful who you call an oldie there Squish!  Rashi and I started around the same time.  :tongue:

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to stand and

her back clicks.  Makes

me a mere whippersnapper then.

Hobbles around with a stick, now where did I put

my unspilt drink (very important not to spill a drink around these parts

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