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The Red Field Trip

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The Reds are our cause fighters here on DM. They are a very passionate group who will share the stories that inspire or anger them, and will discuss them. They are also a very loving group, but be careful! They snugglebite. 
This thread is an opportunity for the members of the Red Ajah and you to get to know each other a little better, and for you to ask them any questions you might have about their group. Make sure you also read their information stickies!

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*Pokes the newbies*


Yup, check out the stickies, there is a bunch of good info there.


Anyone want to take a guess at what a snugglebite is?

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Do I need to be current on my shots in case of snugglebites? :wink:


Greetings to the Reds! You have your first newbie of the field trip, be gentle :laugh:


For those who don't know me yet, a little... ok, wordy... intro:


Folks around these parts call me Tress, mostly because when I first started getting involved in the social community Song of Ice and Fire was already involved EVERYWHERE I went and it just got too confusing to abbreviate both of our names as Song. :laugh:


Here's my official introduction thread from back in 2012... in a nutshell, I'm 42 years old, been widowed for 5 years, and work for a major health insurance company (formerly in the mail order pharmacy, now in a small department that is dedicated to offering support for customers with targeted chronic health conditions that use expensive specialty medications to help them overcome barriers to treatment and stay on their medication as prescribed).


I started reading WoT about 3 years ago, and joined DM in January 2011 while unsuccessfully waiting for Towers of Midnight to come out in paperback (bought it in hardback when I could stand it no longer). I lurked for a good while in the book discussion forums, posting just a few comments here and there until the urge to start making forum sigs again overtook me - I used to make sigs for my WoW guild forums once upon a time... and then I found Fiddlesticks... and then discovered mafia... and then joined the Black Tower.


As the former leader of the Black Tower's Light Faction and a confirmed mafia addict - and a regular lurker in DM chat - I am quite familiar with many residents of the WT already and look forward to getting to know some of the others much better.


My hobbies tend to go through cycles - always, always reading, but also sometimes writing (poetry, fiction, songs, and/or blogging), computer games, playing mafia, photography, music, cooking, crocheting, and other random creative pursuits. I have a tendency to start creative projects that never get finished. My current obsession is nail art. I have two cats who think I'm insane and a roommate who knows I am but loves me anyway (Kaylee).

I'll be poking around over the weekend, exploring the threads I haven't read yet, but wanted to say a quick hello in the meantime!

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Hi Tress!


Snugglebites may work as shots. They release happy hormones(I hope so). I am one of those people you already know. And I saw some of your nail art on FB and loved it

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Hello Reds! I think that I've introduced myself before, but just in case I didn't, or anyone missed it:


I'm Tonnalea, or Tonna, or lea, or tlea...or just Tonya if you prefer it. I used to roleplay WoT years ago. I owned every book PLUS

the great big WoT bible. I've been my own characters as well as Amyrilin Seat, Keeper, Egwene, Min, Lanfear and Graendal. I have 

been Aiel, one of Mat Cauthon's playthings, and a Wise One. I used to play real time WoT games, back when I was all of these people

and during that time I was even a Creator.....helping to code and build the WoT world that was our playground. I know Wheel of Time. It 

was the very first book series that I truly fell in love with. I think that I was looking to get back into roleplay again as a way to break a writer's

block that I'm currently suffering from. I started poking around on the social side though and really liked some of the conversations that I saw. 


When I'm not trying to save the world from another Breaking, I can be found studying whatever I find interesting right now. This usually means

that I have my nose buried in a history or science book or my eye glued to a telescope. I also compile radio data for S.E.T.I. I like music, but I'm 

not incredibly knowledgeable in music trivia. I like classical music....Bach, Tchaikovsky, Brahm, Vivaldi, Mozart....all of those guys. I love Chopin!

I'm not crazy about country music or rap, but I love the harder stuff....Arch Enemy, Dimu...and then the grunge like, Nirvana, Alice in Chains. I'm 

into the paranormal....to an extent. I usually dig up the history on a place before the team does an investigation and use my wily, wily ways to interview

witnesses and such. Sometimes I go on investigations, but I don't like to. On T.V., I'm usually watching documentries on too many things to name and right

now, I am eagerly awaiting a lecture next month being given by Dr. Zahi Hawass, the former head over Egyptian Antiquities.  I also love Firefly, Dr. Who, Dr. 

Horrible's sing a long blog and all of that nerdy stuff like that. I'm a complete and total nerd and proud of it. 


Let's see...I'm a mother of two, an ex soldier, and I have a talent of talking anyone down from a rage or through a problem. I can be silly and I can be serious.

I'm drawn to the intelligent side of people. I don't judge, rather, I try my best not to...and I will always admit when I am wrong. I also draw, write, and make jewelry.

I love the Ancient Greek culture and am fascinated by Troy. I also love Shakespeare. I do have a big cause that I support and that is for the fight against Domestic

Violence. I got out of a violent relationship a long time ago and I try to help others get out or talk with teenagers in hopes that I might prevent them from ever getting

into a situation like that.  Lastly, I want to be a teacher when I grow up. I want to teach high school physics (or history) and try to instill my passion for knowledge into our kids. 


And I brought cake: 





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Ooooh cake!


I really want a physics teacher who doesn't teach at the speed of light or a history teacher who knows that history is more than explaining meanings of the odd word.


I have recently gotten a bit into jewellery making(from odd things). And I am a proud owner of a Great Serpent ring and a Flame of Tar Valon pendant. I was going to make more including a Dragon's Fang, wolf head, and some other things but my bread clay dried up and most of what I made had mold growing on it.

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Back when I was married and all of that icky business was going on, my friend and I used to make hemp jewelry and beads too.

We got into the arts and crafts circuit in our area and did several shows, even took a few personal orders. We made matching

rings for a couple once. I still have all of my supplies, but I haven't used them in awhile. lol I have too many hobbies I think, and 

I'm about to attempt two more soon. I don't know if I'll ever have time to make jewelry again.

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I can't wear hemp. The material makes me break out. 

Like "I just took a bath in poison ivy" bad. 



(except I've never had a reaction to poison ivy.)

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I had that problem with it too....but I figured out that if I wash the hemp before I wear it, then it 

doesn't bother me. :) 

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Hello again. Just another initative doing his homework... (Please don't bite me again. It hurt last time.)


Does anyone have some of their old cheat sheets? Please don't tell Izabella (my teacher) that I asked!

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Because not only am I Mistress of Novices and it's my job to know, I'm also an incredibly nosey person *shrugs*


Now I'll be off so you can chat more to the lovely Reds  :tongue:

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My name is Claudia in the real world, I am 57 and from Indiana in the United States. My hobbies are reading, playing on the computer, playing with my cat (Nubbins, a black manx about 4 and a half), gardening, cooking and meeting new people. I don't go to the movies very often because I can't afford it, but when I do it sure is fun.

       I started reading The Wheel Of Time in the 90's, am almost finished with Memory of Light, and just recently found Dragonmount.

       I am looking forward to meeting everyone and will endeavor to be as diligent a student as I can.


What are some of the causes that Reds follow at this time?

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Gender equality, greener world, world domination(with last the first two come side by side)...that's some of the things we are working for.


Welcome to Red Ajah!



your handles tickles something in my brain but I can't place it...

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hi saphira, nice to meet you. Lol I havve an orange tom who lives with me, hes a bit ovre three years old now and a wonderfful fun-loving fellow  who likes purloining my undrewear in the night. Im entirely devoted to my religon, if that can cuont as a cause, I guess it cuold - to me its my whoel life - and I am dedcated to fighting relntlessly against all who harm the natural world as one of the dictates of my religion. Do you hav a cause you folow? Do you have a prefered nickname yuo go by (like jsut saphira or silvermoon, etc)?

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Hi Saphira, welcome to the Red quarters! *snugglebites*


Each Red has their own passions and they may change order of importance to them according to where they stand in life. Often though we share major things and those are then values we share and embrace as an Ajah as well. Equality is one of those big ones we all share and what the Ajah tries to stand for. And I am very much a fervent advocate for it as well.


I'm 43, from Belgium and I work at our local university. Around here I'm the Highest, blessed with this lot of RedBrats and very proud of being the Head of one of the coolest bunch of Aes Sedai the White Tower has to offer. They're quite independant, love to wander about the site as well as in real life and generally are engaged in doing their thing. Yet always they know that this is and always will be their home and it will always be there for them whenever they feel the need to let their hair down.


A good place to start getting to know us is the sticky thread in our board that tells all about us.

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I'm Morning Mist, and although usually I'm called Mist or Misty, if you want to use the first half of my handle I will respond, but it may take me a minute   :smile:


My husband and I have been married for three years and have a beautiful 8 month old boy. We also have two big dogs and a much smaller cat. At the moment, between reading and watching my son grow up, I am watching my vast movie collection and attempting to weed out the ones I really don't want him to watch... (they don't fit in the PG-13 category) I also have several crafty projects that need finishing


I have been reading The WoT series for most of the last ten years. I'm on my third reread at the moment (just started Crossroads of Twilight) and have not read AMoL yet. My will power isn't the greatest... but I haven't actually seen it on any shelf, so that makes it a little easier, however I am determined to wait till it comes out in paperback, to match the rest of my collection   :happy:


And speaking of the series, I have been asked where I got my handle.. At the beginning of TDR, when the Trollocs attack the camp in the Mountains of Mist, the leader of one of the packs who helped fight was called Morning Mist. Her name stuck out at me, and I grew rather fond of it.

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Hello everyone! I'm Xthrax, a new initaite. Not that new actually, I've been knocking around for a few months. I've met a few of you in the Red hall in the Aspirant quarters and would like to get to know the rest of you better. I understand here is the place where passions, causes and dedications is most looked out for. What exactly are causes you all participate in? And what exactly are these snugglebites?

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