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Sign up for the White Ajah's AiW Murder Mystery: Who Killed Alice?

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The White Ajah's Alice in Wonderland Event is getting ready to start. And due to popular demand, the Murder Mystery game is back!

Alice was found dead in the Queen of Heart's throne room! The Queen has been arrested for the murder, and all of Wonderland has been summoned for the jury. Help decide if the Queen is innocent, and if so, who the real killer is!

The jury will consist of:

Bill the Lizard
The Caterpillar
The Cheshire Cat
The Dormouse
The Duchess
The Gryphon
The Hatter
The King of Hearts
The Knave of Hearts
The March Hare
The Mock Turtle
The White Rabbit

All characters will be assigned randomly. Post below to sign up! The game will start as soon as we have 12 players.

1. Rasheta
2. Kronos
3. Elaevia
4. Ithillian
5. Tonnalea
6. Misheru
7. Keyholder
8. Suchmadness
9. Tynaal
10. BFG
11. Bridmorgan
12. Rhea
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  • Community Administrator

Okay, I got you, suchmadness and Cloud!


Just to double check, are you a member of the White Tower, suchmadness? You are still welcome to play--non members are more than welcome--but if so, the game needs to be on the Tar Valon board instead if the White Ajah board. So please let me know!

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