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50 reasons texting is evil.


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Reason no. 1: The keypad on the phone is too small for average male-sized fingers, giving women the speed advantage.


Reason no. 2: Meaning is easily lost.


Reason no. 3: Free texts being so common nowadays smells of a government mass-brainwashing conspiracy.


Help me out here folks...

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4. It gives people a way to contact you and say they want to talk when you keep ignoring all their calls


5. You have to check message box to see if you got a reply


6. Language is weird so you wonder which language they are speaking


7. Beep on receiving messages is annoying


8. It wastes your time

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10. Predictive chat is constantly conspiring against me.


11. Those programs that show you when someone last logged on, and when they're actively typing... so annoying.


12. You can ignore a text and pretend like you never got it, and probably get away with it.

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